Max Verstappen secures final sprint win of season after delivering brutal message to F1’s push for changes

What makes a driver unique is his consistent dedication to pushing the limits of his abilities and striving for continuous improvement. The Dutch sensation Max Verstappen has broken several records, including his 16th win at the Mexican Grand Prix

The three-time World Champion has also had his 51st career win, equaling the tally of the great Alain Prost. There is no doubt about his exceptional qualities, which is why audiences have no hesitation to bet on the Dutch driver. Living up to their expectations, Verstappen recently secured victory at the last sprint race this season at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

 Max Verstappen triumphs in season’s last sprint race

Max Verstappen clinched a dominating triumph in the final race at the Brazilian GP, with Lando Norris taking the second spot. Initially, Norris had an incredible start; however, soon “Mad Max” overtook him by executing an outstanding strategy. After exceeding Norris, Verstappen soon distanced himself from the rest of the drivers, especially George Russell, who snatched the second position from Norris initially.

Russell showcased extreme sportsmanship by executing a remarkable maneuver against Lando Norris on the first lap. However, Norris, who was still not ready to give in yet, consecutively recaptured his second position from the British driver in the fifth lap. Throughout the race, Verstappen skillfully managed to handle his tires, leading the race to win the final sprint race by 4s.

Verstappen criticizes F1’s ongoing reforms

Verstappen, who is not a fan of the constant changes made in Formula 1, has expressed his disagreement regarding the sprint format.

After the United States GP, which was also a sprint event, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified from the race after they failed post-race technical checks. Due to their plank exceeding the specified 1mm limit, both of them were excluded from the results and blamed for the lack of practice time provided for the teams to properly set up their cars.

Verstappen insisted that such issues would not occur if F1 remained glued to its traditional schedule. He said “We should just get rid of the sprint weekend and then everyone can just set up their cars normally. It wouldn’t have happened that we would have had a normal race weekend.”

“These things only happen when you have a sprint weekend where everything is so rushed into your in-between FP1 and qualifying.”

“From our side, I think we went a bit too conservative, but that’s still better than the other way.”

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