Max Verstappen secures new performance coach for 2024 F1 season after Christian Horner’s bold RB19 claim

Max Verstappen has been near unbeatable throughout the year, with a phenomenal 19 out of 22 wins this season. The Dutch hero may have some small imperfections, as revealed by his Red Bull mentors but he knows how to cover them up. Max, however, is the type of guy who doesn’t his guard down and keeps improving.

He recently bid farewell to one of his best cars throughout his career but his mind is still in the zone. His racing proficiency is already at a greater level than that of other drivers, but Verstappen won’t let any chance slip by to increase it.

Verstappen appoints Rupert Manwaring as performance coach

Max Verstappen has already started preparing for the 2024 season with a new addition to his team. In order to help him out with his racecraft, Max has appointed a new performance coach to guide him through the 2024 season. Max Verstappen’s current coach, Bradley Scanes, will quit at the end of the 2023 season in order to spend more time with his family, but considering the perfectionist Verstappen is, he has already moved in to secure another coach.

Max Verstappen has appointed Rupert Manwaring as his performance coach prior to the 2024 season. It is a noteworthy fact that Rupert was with Sainz for the last few years, mentoring him for the majority of his career. The presence of a performance coach is a necessary factor in deciding the actual race of a driver, as the coach provides key points to improve.

Max Verstappen
Verstappen with Bradley via Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen admitted to the fact that he tried to get the record of leading 1000 laps during the Abu Dhabi GP while reminiscing the fact that not every season might be as dominant.

“Well, in general the car has been better than last year and we were very solid in terms of no retirements, no real issues on the car which of course is also a big key to that,” Max Verstappen told media.

Max Verstappen
Rupert Manwarning with Sainz via

“From my side, every single year I try to do better but I think better – it’s more about just general experience in F1 and trying to put the weekend together a bit more. Some weekends that works better than others, and then besides that, just try not to make too many mistakes, try not to get too much damage on the car with the cost cap and stuff, these kinds of things which I think worked quite well.”

Christian Horner declares Red Bull’s RB19 the pinnacle of F1 success

Long ago, the Mercedes W11 was considered the absolute benchmark for success in the turbo-hybrid era; however, the definitions were rewritten this year by Mercedes’s sworn rivals, Red Bull. Christian Horner’s team managed to create a monster with Max Verstappen that managed to win all but a single race this year.

Horner couldn’t stop himself from praising their current car, which broke every expectation and went on to establish it’s indomitable rule during the 2023 season. He claimed that they had made a historical car, one that will be remembered for generations after the current season. “For Max to have led over a thousand laps, for him to have won 19 races, to have broken McLaren’s record from ’88, to have broken Seb’s—our own record from 2013—the win ratios, all the percentages that he’s hit..”

Max Verstappen
Horner makes a big claim about RB19 via Sky Sports

“This car will go down in history, certainly for I think a considerable period of time, the most successful car in Formula 1 history.” Christian didn’t mince his words and his statements seem to be the obvious consensus in the F1 community as they look forward to the 2024 season.

Which car, according to you, was the best car of it’s era? With the list of dominating machines increasing, do you think Formula 1 will become more exciting in the future? Drop your views in the comments section.


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