Max Verstappen shuns overdramatized F1 movie connected to Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are having their own cold war, even though the Dutch champion has denied any possible rivalry between the two of them. Max Verstappen is a straightforward guy when it comes to racing in Formula 1 and he definitely doesn’t hold back his words about any topic.

Lewis Hamiton’s new project, his upcoming movie, became a big topic of discussion in the paddock and the 7-time champion is making every effort to make his movie a success. But, as always, Max Verstappen had some varied opinions about the entertainment and glam, so he went to comment coldly about Lewis Hamilton’s new movie.

Verstappen voices indifference to watching Lewis Hamilton-linked film

Max Verstappen is known to be indifferent to anything other than racing, and in this case, he voiced his opinion about Lewis Hamilton’s film based on Formula 1. Considering the fact that Lewis will be profiting a lot from his new film, it was thought that Max may even think of featuring in it. Yet, the Red Bull champ is not at all interested in any such role.

Max Verstappen
Verstappen shows disinterest in movie via Essential Sports

“Before the US Grand Prix in Austin, I saw a few clips from the new film. They were shown during the drivers’ meeting with an explanation of how they had filmed it all. Nice to see, but it doesn’t really interest me that much. I don’t need to see a film of my own sport. This film is of course a made-up story and everything is always over-dramatized, you have to love that. I personally don’t have that much with that.”

Verstappen called out the movie directly even though he is a fan of the lead actor, Brad Pitt. He didn’t shy away from claiming that Lewis’s movie might just have too much fiction in it and F1-based series are often criticized for the way they try to spice up things.

Hamilton’s post-Las Vegas GP comment sparked Max Verstappen rivalry

It’s not the first time these two drivers engaged in a battle of words; a similar situation arose in the infamous Las Vegas GP. Max Verstappen was vocal about the dissatisfaction he faced during the pre-race events. He even called it a clown show and was strictly against the race organizers for including such events.

Max Verstappen
Verstappen criticizes Las Vegas via Sky Sports

Verstappen wasn’t positive about the racing he was hell bent on criticizing the race. In contrast to his words however, the Vegas GP proved to be interesting and had many fun moments for overtakes and racing action. Even Max had to backdown on his earlier statements and praise the race. Max’s criticism however was taken well by Lewis Hamilton, who took a direct jibe at the world champion.

“There were lots of great overtaking opportunities and I think for all those who were so negative about the weekend, saying it was all about show, blah blah blah, I think Vegas proved them wrong,” said Hamilton in his post-race interview.

Max Verstappen
Lewis takes a dig at Max via Sky Sports

The two drivers have set the stage for 2024, and it seems like both Max and Lewis won’t try to hold back if they ever went wheel to wheel next year.

Do you think we may get a deja vu of 2021, now that Mercedes seems to have a plan for 2024? Drop your predictions for the upcoming F1 season in the comments section below.


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