Max Verstappen’s absence from Netflix’s Drive to Survive teaser, posters angered F1 fans: “Max drove to win”

Anticipation had been building up among the enthusiasts for the upcoming season of the most popular American documentary series, “Drive to Survive,” Season 6, which has left a lasting impact on fans in the past few years.

However, the mood took a turn after the trailer for the new season was unveiled, with a wave of disappointment sweeping through the F1 community. The absence of the Dutch sensation has left many fans disheartened, casting a shadow over their initial enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

Max Verstappen’s absence from the Netflix show angered F1 fans

Before the 2024 Formula One season finally starts to set in, the Netflix documentary series “Drive to Survive” released a bombshell by releasing the posters and trailer for their Season 6 series. The trailer has been circulating on multiple social media sites, gaining wide recognition from spectators worldwide.

The trailer featured multiple key drivers of the industry, including team principals who have played a vital role in excelling the existing skills of the Formula One drivers. It was filled with unpredictable moves and thrilling actions, designed in such a way as to captivate the attention of the audience. However, the reaction from the fans was not quite as expected by the media.

This was mainly due to the absence of Max Verstappen’s presence in both the posters and trailer for the American series. The Dutch driver played a crucial role in the last campaign by dominating 19 out of 22 races. However, the three-time World Champion was completely disregarded in the American series instead of being the highlighted driver. Most fans have expressed their anger through social media, making various types of hateful comments. One fan has even gone to the extent of commenting, “F**k Netflix,” due to the decision.

Why did Max Verstappen not participate in Netflix’s Drive to Survive?

Verstappen, on the other hand, had voluntarily decided not to take part in the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” due to a false conception of his personality, which he claimed was completely contrary to his true self.

“You, as a person, are trying to build a brand just by being myself. But then a series like that can just put you down completely differently just because they like it like that, and I think that is very wrong, and I prefer not to be a part of it.”

Additionally, he has also expressed concerns about the way some drivers are portrayed in the series, which could entirely be false, especially since some new F1 fans also watch it for a better understanding of the sport’s concept.

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