Max Verstappen’s F1 2023 masterclass earns him a staggering $70 million

The 2023 Formula One season has undeniably showcased Red Bull’s dominant performance from a very unmatched viewpoint. Max Verstappen has single-handedly pushed his team to the forefront, securing victories in 19 out of 22 races throughout the season.

Despite earning less in base salary compared to his rival, Lewis Hamilton, the Dutch sensation’s financial success is marked above that of other drivers. His earnings for this season have reached an impressive $70 million, marking his status as the highest-earning driver of the year.

Verstappen leads F1 with $70 million for 2023

This year, Max Verstappen earned approximately $45 million. Thanks to his extra efforts on the track and remarkable driving skills, the Red Bull driver has achieved an additional bonus of $25 million, making his combined earnings a staggering $70 million.

For the triple-time world champion, who has clinched 19 victories out of 22 races and a total of 575 points in the World Championship, it is not much of a surprise to the F1 enthusiasts who know his driving potential already.

The highest-paid drivers this season collectively earned a total of $258 million, which was, surprisingly, less than last year’s total earnings of $264 million. Not only has Verstappen managed to keep his position stable till the final race of the Abu Dhabi GP, but he is also ahead of the top 10 drivers’ on the list, as the highest-earning driver being only 26 years old. Almost everyone in the Formula 1 industry is profusely satisfied with his unbeatable prowess on the track.

Lewis Hamilton secures spot behind Max Verstappen with $55 million in earnings.

Verstappen has also earned a position ahead of the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, who received a base salary of $55 million but no additional bonuses. Throughout the entire 2023 season, he was constantly observed struggling with his Mercedes vehicle, despite having the potential, as claimed by the team principal, Toto Wolff. 

In an interview, the team principal firmly stated, “Lewis Hamilton is still the best driver in the world.”

Although Formula One racing is not the sole source of income for Hamilton, the British driver has a wide range of business endeavours, starting from a non-vegan food chain to launching a new non-alcoholic spirit. In addition to his involvement in his racing career, these business ventures serve as the financial source that enables him to maintain his lavish lifestyle and catch up with the latest fashion trends, given his massive enthusiasm for the fashion industry.

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