Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet unimpressed by boos despite landmark achievement in US Grand Prix

Max Verstappen created yet another landmark for his legacy in F1 by acquiring 50 career wins after securing victory in the US GP on Sunday. In one of the hardest races of his year, Verstappen was able to overcome the difficulties of his car’s braking system and the disadvantage of being at the back of the grid.

The public reaction, on the other hand, was not impressive at all, considering the massive feat Super Max had accomplished. The Dutchman was booed on the podium owing to his win, a very unsupportive gesture that attracted criticisms and a lot of words against the miscreants. Many Red Bull personalities spoke up against this act and supported Max Verstappen’s achievements.

Verstappen’s girlfriend expresses displeasure despite historic win

Kelly Piquet is Verstappen’s partner and, arguably, his biggest supporter. So when the boos came forth, she was no less than disgusted and unimpressed by the toxicity hurled towards her lover. She considers Max a great driver and an equally better person so when he was targeted, she didn’t hold back at all in expressing her displeasure.

Footage caught Kelly Piquet's reaction as Max Verstappen was booed on  podium at US grand prix | talkSPORT
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She was among the crowd of people who were there watching Max celebrate his podium, so when the insults started going off, she made a confused and appropriately uncomfortable face because of the treatment being given to her partner.

Max Verstappen was being provoked by the hooligans about Sergio Perez because he had a really cheeky answer to these unacceptable gestures: “In the end, I’m the one who takes the silverware home, so all fine by me!”

Kelly Piquet reveals surprising Max Verstappen opinion in divisive Vogue  interview - Mirror Online
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The world champion definitely knows his worth and he won’t be put down by mere chants by some disrespectful people.

Horner plays down crowd reaction towards Max Verstappen

Christian Horner is one of the key supporters of Max Verstappen and he made sure that people knew Max and the team’s attitude towards their boos. Horner straight up dismissed the unappreciable behavior of fans, calling it reserved and childish. He also addressed the chants of Sergio Perez amidst the chaos due to the criticism of the Mexican in Red Bull.

INTERVIEW: Christian Horner explains the F1 teams' opposition to Andretti  Cadillac's proposal | RACER
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Horner was asked about his views on the Mexican GP considering the undesirable developments in their win celebration during the US GP weekend, but the Red Bull boss was relaxed about their receival in Mexico. Asked about the booing ahead of this week’s Mexico City GP, Horner said, “I don’t think Max is going to get the warmest reception in Mexico! But that’s water off a duck’s back. One year you are the villain, the next year you are the hero.”

His statements clearly implied that they are ready to take on the challenges and he believes in Mexican fans who love the sport, considering their sensibility towards the races. Horner is sure that the real fans would never do anything that goes against guidelines.


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