Max Verstappen’s reaction speaks volumes as Red Bull star’s massive salary surpasses Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen has consistently showcased exceptional performance since his entry into the Formula 1 industry. The Dutch driver has successfully shifted the balance of dominance from Lewis Hamilton and has been steadily building on his success.

Not only has Verstappen outperformed Hamilton in the drivers’ standings, but he has also surpassed him in terms of paychecks as well. Recent revelations indicate that Verstappen now holds the title of the highest-paid driver on the grid.

Max Verstappen’s 2023 F1 salary surpasses Lewis Hamilton

The previous year proved to be chaotic for the drivers, marking a rollercoaster of emotions and a constant evolution of the competitive environment. Drivers engaged in intense battles, adding heat to the competition as they navigated through a dynamic season.

However, in admidst of all of these, Max Verstappen still proceeded to secure 19 victories out of 22 races, along with breaking numerous records that were previously held by legendary drivers for a prolonged period of time.

As a result, the Dutch sensation is now the highest-paid driver in Formula 1 history, with a base salary of $45,000,000, along with additional bonuses of $25,000,000. On the other side, even though the seven-time World Champion has earned a relatively higher base salary with a staggering compensation of $55,000, the British driver was devoid of any additional bonuses. As a result, his overall earnings were way less than those of Verstappen.

What is Max Verstappen’s contract with Red Bell?

Red Bull has confirmed that Max Verstappen, the star driver of the team, will stay with the team until the end of 2029, with a potential fee of $55 million per year. Verstappen is known for his unwavering loyalty towards the team and has therefore decided to extend his presence until he turns 30.

Regarding his decision to stay with the team, he stated, “I really enjoy being part of the Oracle Red Bull Racing Team, so choosing to stay for the 2028 season was an easy decision.”

Furthermore, the Dutch driver also emphasized last year’s performance, as it undoubtedly was the best season throughout his career, by saying, “I love this team, and last year was simply incredible. Our goal since we came together in 2016 was to win the championship, and we have done that, so now it’s about keeping the number one on the car long-term.”

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