Maxxine Dupri shares vintage clicks of her Super Bowl 53 duties

Super Bowl 2024 continued the tradition of many Americans’ adoration of the game. Numerous WWE superstars were in attendance at the event, held at Allegiant Stadium. Those who were unable to attend this year, such as Maxxine Dupri, still took the time to share their memories of previous Super Bowls with the fans.

Known for her role as both a manager and in-ring combatant on Monday Night RAW, Dupri has recently been the target of criticism for her bouts that have included oversights. She just posted an Instagram picture from Super Bowl 53 as a flashback.

Maxxine Dupri’s participation in Super Bowl 53

Fans are gathering in Las Vegas to watch the great Super Bowl event, and many WWE superstars are participating in the thrill of the game. Through the sharing of pictures and reflections on their experiences on social media, wrestlers like Jey Uso, Rey Mysterio, and Naomi have established a joyful link between the world of wrestling and the community around the Super Bowl.

Maxxine Dupri
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A post regarding the Super Bowl was also posted by Maxxine Dupri’s Instagram handle. However, it seems that the image was from the year 2020, not the year 2024. She reminisced about her time spent cheering at Super Bowl 53 and shared some vintage images with the audience.

Dupri was a cheerleader at Super Bowl LIII and a dancer at the NBA Finals in 2020–2021. Although none of her teams won. Some fans adore her elegance and charm in the images, while others recall Super Bowl 53 as the finest ever. However, some fans have different perspectives and term it the “worst Super Bowl ever.”

Former WWE champion believes Maxxine belongs to Divas era

With her brother Max Dupri at the helm of Maximum Male Models’ talent agency, Maxxine adds a touch of class to WWE. Along with ma. cé and mån.sôör, they want to bring glitz to Raw’s Monday evenings. She may have had minimal in-ring action, but she certainly made an impression in WWE’s management and valet departments. 

Maxxine Dupri
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After appearing in NXT under the name Sofia Cromwell, she went on to run Maximum Male Models with Mace and Mansoor before becoming a member of Alpha Academy. In July of 2023, she made her Raw debut in a match against The Viking Raiders, partnering with Chad Gable and Otis. 

Despite the backlash she’s received for her efforts in the ring, former women’s champion Chelsea Green maintains that Maxxine is a product of the Divas era. Chelsea said that she and Maxxine would have thrived in the era’s feminine and entertaining culture on the “Insight” podcast, where she praised the era’s qualities.

Do you agree with Chelsea Green’s statement regarding the 26-year-old RAW superstar? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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