Mayor Eric Johnson invites NFL champions Chiefs to join Cowboys in Dallas amid uncertain Kansas City future

Following a challenging regular season, the Kansas City Chiefs made history by clinching back-to-back Super Bowl victories. The team’s remarkable achievement has ignited a surge of excitement and ambition, with Patrick Mahomes setting his sights on an unprecedented third consecutive title.

Nevertheless, amid the jubilation surrounding their on-field success, a cloud of uncertainty looms over the Chiefs organization regarding the future of their iconic Arrowhead Stadium, leaving their future in Kansas city uncertain. 

Mayor Eric Johnson reveals Dallas is big enough to support two NFL teams

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has ignited a bold proposition, advocating for the return of the Chiefs to Dallas following a recent setback in Missouri. With a sales tax proposal failing to pass in Jackson County, Mayor Johnson sees an opportunity for the Chiefs to find a new home in the vibrant city of Dallas.

Mayor Johnson articulated his support, emphasizing Dallas’ stature as a top sports city in the nation with an exclusive statement to The Dallas Morning News.

“Dallas was named the top sports city in the United States because we play to win,” Johnson said. 

Mayor Johnson went on to support the decision by highlighting Dallas’ expansive market, rapid growth, and fervent football culture.

“As I have said previously, our market is big enough, growing enough, and loves football more than enough to support a second NFL team — especially a franchise (and an owner) with deep roots here,” Johnson added.

Mayor Johnson ended his statement by suggesting the Cotton Bowl as a potential home venue for the Chiefs, per a report from Fox News.

This isn’t the first time Mayor Johnson has championed the idea of a second NFL team in Dallas. He previously floated the idea in 2022 when discussions about NFL expansion surfaced, signaling his unwavering commitment to bringing another NFL franchise to his city.

The Chiefs, a historic franchise with roots tracing back to Texas, have called Kansas City home for over six decades. However, Mayor Johnson’s proposal offers them the opportunity to return to their origins and tap into the thriving sports market in Dallas.

While Mayor Johnson has made his stance clear, speculation looms over Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ response to the potential sharing of Dallas with the two-time defending Super Bowl champions.

Chiefs future at Kansas City in doubt after stadium renovation plans declined 

The future of the Chiefs has been cast into uncertainty following the recent rejection of a renovation proposal for Arrowhead Stadium by residents in Jackson County, Missouri. This setback has prompted discussions about the team’s next steps and potential implications for its future.

Kansas City Royals owner John Sherman and Chiefs president Mark Donovan were well aware of the challenges facing the initiative long before the final vote. Despite their efforts, more than 58 percent of voters ultimately rejected the proposal, highlighting the significant hurdles in securing public support for such endeavors.

Nevertheless, Donovan emphasized the team’s commitment to prioritizing the interests of their fans and organization as they navigate the path forward. This could potentially involve revisiting the proposal with modifications aimed at garnering broader support from the community.

It’s unlikely that the Chiefs will consider relocating to a different region. As a franchise with a storied history and recent success on the field, the team remains firmly rooted in Kansas City, with several years left on their lease at Arrowhead Stadium.

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