Mention of Manchester United in PL title race leaves Pep Guardiola chuckling while labelling UCL success “nothing special”

Pep Guardiola has done wonders for Manchester City since he arrived in 2016. He has won five Premier League trophies and most recently won the much-awaited Champions League title. He has completely transformed the team into one of the best teams ever and has individually transformed each player to a different level.

The Citizens have started the season very dominantly. So far, they have won all five of their games in the Premier League, where they were the dominant side in each match. Currently, there are no rivals to them, and Pep Guardiola couldn’t help but laugh when hearing about one team’s title hopes.

Guardiola’s assessment of City’s UCL success

Despite winning the treble last season and their first maiden UCL title, Pep Guardiola is still gunning for more success. He believes that it will be easier to defend their UCL title this season, which will start when they face Crvena Zvezda.

According to the BBC, Pep said in the pre-game conference, “It’ll be easier. The hardest one to win is the first one.”

Pep Guardiola

But Pep also pointed out that winning one UCL title is nothing special. “For our club to win the Champions League is incredible, but in perspective, how many won one Champions League? A lot.”

“We haven’t done anything special with just one, but we are incredibly proud.”

Pep Guardiola chuckles over Manchester United’s PL title race hope

In the same interview, the Spaniard was asked about his side’s rivals in the Premier League. The team has experienced some close calls in the past few years, but has managed to edge out their rivals at every moment.

Pep considered Arsenal their nearest rivals, considering the Gunners almost went for the title last season. “You know how strong Arsenal are. Yesterday I saw the game at Goodison Park. They are exceptional.

He also mentioned Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, who have twice lost the league to City on one point. “And Liverpool again, the mentalities have continued there.”

It was then that a reporter shouted out the name of Manchester United in regards to their title rivals. The name made the three-time UCL-winning coach laugh a bit before composing himself.

He then proceeded to say, “Well they didn’t start in the way I think they expect like Chelsea, but always they are Man Utd and always they are Chelsea.”

“Sooner of later they will take their rhythm, but that is important for us after winning the treble that five to five is really, really good.”

Both Manchester United and Chelsea have had poor starts to the season, with both of them in 13th and 14th place in the league, respectively. City and Pep Guardiola, on the other hand, are on top, winning all their games. They will now face Crvena Zvezda tonight as they begin their Champions League title defense.

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