Mercedes’ George Russell criticizes FIA’s “obscene” million-dollar fine cap for F1 drivers

Mercedes’ own George Russell has strongly criticized the FIA’s controversial million-dollar fine cap imposed on Formula 1 drivers. The talented driver did not hold back as he described the cap as “obscene.” He firmly believes that this measure will have minimal impact in deterring undesirable conduct on the track. Russell, a prominent figure among the drivers, has joined the chorus of voices expressing their discontent with the fine cap. This contentious issue is set to dominate discussions within the F1 community in the coming weeks.

Known for his classic racing style and polite demeanor, George Russell is one of the most proactive drivers in advocating for their rights. He has consistently voiced his concerns on behalf of the drivers, taking their complaints to the management and higher authorities.

George Russell expresses displeasure over unprecedented decision

In a recent situation, George Russell expressed his displeasure over a decision which he considers inherently unfair for the drivers. George has been appointed the director of GDPA, i.e. the Grand Prix Drivers Association. Russell takes decisions and makes complaints based on driver issues and he poses a united front from the 20 drivers of the grid.

A recent rule has been troubling the drivers lately and its is none other than the million dollar fine cap decision given out by the F1 authorities. F1 management has decided in wake of penalties that the stewards are now allowed to hand out capital penalties of up to 1 million euros.

George Russell: GDPA director role has 'opened my eyes' : PlanetF1

George Russell strongly criticized a recent decision, which he considers ‘obscene,’ while Charles Leclerc expressed bewilderment at the massive penalty imposed. George Russell illustrated the unfairness of such penalties with a personal example, saying, ‘In my first year of Formula One at Williams, I was on a five-figure salary, and I actually lost over six figures due to expenses such as paying for my trainer, flights, and an assistant.’

This new agenda has taken the drivers by surprise, and some socially active drivers are now advocating for measures to ensure that substantial fines serve a justifiable purpose rather than being spent wastefully

When was Russell appointed as GPDA director?

The GDPA is a united front of Driver’s Association that allows all the drivers in the grid to voice their concerns regarding safety, rules or unfairness in any situation such as the recent controversy about million dollar fines.

George Russell was appointed the Director of this union and he works alongside ex-F1 driver and chairman of GDPA Alexander Wurz to ensure that the drivers do not get outspoken.

Alexander Wurz retires from racing - ESPN

Explaining his role as a director, George Russell said, “It’s almost like [I’m] the spokesperson from the collective group.”

“I think it’s a very united group at the moment, between all of the drivers. We talk regularly about certain issues or topics that we want to improve – not just necessarily in Formula 1, but in the sport globally.

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“Ultimately, there does need to be somebody who’s the spokesperson to take that forward. But I’ve got a huge amount of help from Alex Wurz and Anastasia Fowle who, to be honest, do most of the heavy lifting and I’m just the one in the background to follow up and help where I’m needed.”

Lewis Hamilton was recently under scrutiny for entering a live track after his crash and this situation could be the impetus for FIA to make a big rule change about penalties, what do you think about this new rule and do you think it is needed in F1?


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