“Micah Parsons is all you have”: Lil Wayne roasts Cowboys’ defense, backs 49ers in on-air banter

The Dallas Cowboys new season start has been nothing short of a dream for the fans with a stunning 0-40 win against the New York Giants. The Cowboys are apparently dazzling and shining on both sides of the ball except the Arizona Cardinals’ upset win against them.

Meanwhile, in one of the most thrilling matchups of the NFL season, the undefeated San Francisco 49ers are scheduled to battle with the formidable Cowboys in Week 5. Li Wayne, a well-known American rapper, made an underhanded shot at the Cowboys prior to the explosive battle while endorsing the 49ers as the greater opponent to the Dallas team.

 Lil Wayne roasts Cowboys’ defense

As the Cowboys and 49ers, two most formidable teams, are going to meet in Week 5, football enthusiasts can expect an electrifying battle. Already the match has arisen as a hot topic of discussion in almost all football-related programs. Hence on “Undisputed” Skip Bayless, Lil Wayne, Michael Irvin, and Keyshawn Johnson came up with some predictions of the match discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams.

However, on the program, the 49ers supporter Lil Wayne dragged the team’s dominance over the Arizona Cardinals and the Cowboys’ upset defeat against the Cardinals to provide a projection on the 49ers’ dominance on the Dallas team in Week 5 game. 

“The 49ers just came off the win against the Cardinals, and Cardinals beat Cowboys. And this defense is nowhere near, nowhere near the 49ers.”

The 49er’s offense has shown a promising and strong look from the start of the season, bolstered by their star quarterback Brock Purdy, while their defense is also going hand in hand to save the offense. The rapper also presented the 49ers defense as the indomitable one, having Christian McCaffery on the helm.

However, Wayne harbors the notion that without Micah Parson the Cowboys have no strong weapon to save them from the attacking power of the 49ers while also throwing a subtle jab on the Cowboys’ defense.

“Number 11 is all you have. You say you have the best pass rush but ain’t even rushing. Ya’ll think Christian McCaffery is on defense or something”, Wayne said.

This matchup could be pivotal for both teams as the 49ers will be looking to maintain their perfect record, while the Cowboys will be eager to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with this season.

When was the last time the Cowboys went against the 49ers?

The Cowboys and 49ers feud has been a storied one, the matchup played 39 times including 9 postseason games in the past. In those battles, the Dallas Cowboys gained 19 games winning while the San Francisco team won 19 games and also tied 1 time. As a result, the game on Sunday will probably also break a draw in the overall series.

Although it began in the 1970s, these two strong teams haven’t faced off in a prime-time matchup since November 1990. In those days, the Cowboys defeated the 49ers in back-to-back NFC Championship Games in 1970 and 1971 and also defeated San Francisco in a divisional playoff game in 1972.

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On January 16, 2022, the two teams faced off against each other in the postseason game after 9,863 days had elapsed as per ESPN. They last faced off in the NFC divisional round of the previous season. The Cowboys, however, lost to the 49ers in those contests.

The Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, who was San Francisco’s offensive coordinator in 2005, admitted the battle is a big one for them. Hinting it as one of the most historically significant rivalries in NFL history, the head coach is hoping for his team’s strong performance over the undefeated team of the season so far.

“It’s an important game. You understand the history. There is obviously a lot of tradition with this game. That’s all part of it. You live to play in these kinds of games. You dream about these kinds of games. You don’t want to make it bigger than what it is, but the reality is it’s not just another game.”

The high voltage Week 5 promises to be an unforgettable clash that will keep fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. Which team do you think will take home the win?

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