Micah Parsons reveals why ‘fake a** Cowboys fans’ Skip Baylees dislikes him: “Hating a** mf”

Following a challenging offseason, the Dallas Cowboys with their defensive superpower Micah Parsons, propelled the Dallas team to a dominant position in the NFL. However, their hopes of Super Bowl success crumbled when they faced defeat against the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round of the playoffs, ending the season with a 12-5 record.

Veteran linebacker Micah Parsons was already disappointed, but he became much more frustrated when NFL pundit Skip Bayless made things worse. The Cowboys player responded by being cheeky in defiance.

Micah Parsons claps back at Skip Bayless

Dallas Cowboys player Micah Parsons ripped at Fox Sports Undisputed anchor Skip Bayless in an enraged online tirade. Parsons didn’t hold back in criticizing Bayless during their social media exchange, referring to him as a “fake a– Cowboys fan” in a scathing tweet.

The Cowboys’ star also accused Bayless of being upset because he declined to appear on Undisputed, shedding light on what he perceived as hypocrisy from the NFL analyst.

“You just a hating ass mf who mad I ain’t want to do your show?! Where was all this when you were on my nuts wanting me to come on your show every Tuesday!!” Parsons wrote. “You lame asf skip real s-t, fake ass cowboys fan!!”

A heated exchange ensued when Bayless voiced his disappointment with the Cowboys’ showing in the wild-card round of the NFL postseason. Bayless criticized Parsons on Twitter after the team’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, saying that he is better at podcasting than playing football.

The Cowboys’ loss in the wild-card round marked a rare setback for the team, which had achieved the remarkable feat of winning 12 games for three consecutive years but fell short of reaching a crucial stage since 1995. Possibly, this is the reason that left Bayless furious.

Micah Parsons performance this NFL season

In the 2023 NFL season, Micah Parsons emerged as a defensive powerhouse for the Dallas Cowboys, seeing whom even Lil Wayne said the Cowboys has only one superstar and he is Parsons. Throughout the season, Parsons demonstrated his prowess in pass rushing, securing an impressive 14.0 sacks. 

In terms of tackling, Parsons exhibited his prowess with 36 solo tackles and 28 assisted tackles, totaling an impressive 64 combined tackles, per NFL.com

His knack for making impactful tackles contributed to the team’s overall defensive efficiency and effectiveness. The vet linebacker also displayed his ball-hawking skills with 115 sack yards accumulated during the season. 

In the latest insights from ESPN’s Next Gen stats, Micah Parsons faced a notably challenging pass-rushing scenario, registering only one pressure in 19 attempts. It marked his lowest success rate of the season. 

Despite this, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones remains steadfast in his belief that Parsons has more prowess to display. Jones went as far as attributing the perceived lack of holding penalties against the veteran linebacker to officiating decisions

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