Micah Parsons takes sly dig at Cowboys front office for playoff exit: “I hope we go all in”

Despite ending the regular season with a 12-5 record, the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl dream hit a roadblock in the wild-card round of the playoffs. After playing the whole season dominantly and grabbing the attention of Lil Wayne, the loss fell heavily on their star player, Micah Parsons.

In the aftermath of the setback, the star linebacker Micah Parsons, who unleashed criticism on officiating, openly shared his thoughts on the team’s Super Bowl aspirations, shedding light on some underlying challenges they faced in realizing that ultimate goal.

Micah Parsons talks on Cowboys failure urging to recruit smartly

Micah Parsons has recently voiced his frustration following the Cowboys’ disappointing 48-32 NFC Wild Card Weekend loss to the Green Bay Packers. The defeat, in which they trailed 27-0 before scoring their first points just before halftime, left a bitter taste for both the team and Parsons.

During a candid discussion on his podcast, “The Edge,” the veteran expressed his disappointment in the Cowboys’ recruitment strategy. He openly acknowledged the challenges faced by his team this season. The three-time Pro Bowler stressed the importance of going “all in” to secure the necessary talent for future campaigns.

“They’re talking about how we’re going ‘all in’ this year. Man, that’s what I would hope for. I’m 24 years old. I’ve been in this league three years and I’ve kinda seen it all. I hope we go all in. I hope that we go out and get the players that we’re missing, because we didn’t do that this year. I hope that we challenge ourselves to become better and become greater for us,” he said.

Parsons also tackled the ongoing debate about his on-field role. Despite being officially designated as a linebacker, he has often been deployed as an edge rusher. Critics have raised questions about the team’s decision-making, particularly in crucial moments such as the loss to the Packers. However, the veteran remained steadfast and advocated for a proactive approach in building a roster capable of competing at the highest level.

Micah Parsons does not regret his performance in Cowboys playoff loss

In his podcast, Micah Parsons has been vocal about his feelings regarding the team’s playoff loss. Despite the disappointment, he stands firm in his conviction that he has no regrets about his performance throughout the season.

“I am at peace because I have no regrets about what I performed or what I put into the game. Rather I appreciate what actually matters,” he said.

However, Parsons didn’t shy away from expressing his frustration with the manner of their playoff defeat, particularly as it occurred on home turf. 

The loss hit hard for him and the team, given their strong performances at home throughout the season. He described the defeat as completely “embarrassing and unacceptable,” admitting that it took him some time to recover from the humiliation.

“It’s that you [the Cowboys] lose the way you do and at home. We had talked about how much [better] we had played at home, how much it stood for us to be at home and then to go like that at home was completely embarrassing and unacceptable. I couldn’t even look at that loss or feel any type of way because of how embarrassed I felt it took me a while to even show my face in public. I disappeared completely,” he said, per CBS Sports.

Since the playoff exit, Parsons hasn’t held back his criticism, including a social media exchange with Skip Bayless, whom he labeled a “fake a– Cowboys fan” in a scathing tweet.

What’s your opinion on the struggle of the Cowboys during the playoff?

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