Micah Parsons taunts Stephen A. Smith after Cowboys star wins MVP at NBA Celebrity All-Star game

Starting the season strong as one of the top contenders for the Lombardi, the Dallas Cowboys eventually lost their momentum and fell out of the competition early. However, team linebacker Micah Parsons has been a bright spot throughout their struggle, drawing Lil Wayne’s notice.

Meanwhile, after ripping the NFL referees for officiating and his own team’s front office for their playoff exit, the pro linebacker is now aiming his shot at his team’s biggest critic Stephen A Smith. 

Micah Parsons fires shots at Stephen A. Smith

Micah Parsons demonstrated his impressive abilities at the 2024 Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, guiding Team Shannon to a win in a standout performance. His exceptional performance led to him being named the Celebrity Game MVP after scoring 37 points and securing 16 rebounds, overshadowing Team Stephen A. Meanwhile, Parsons didn’t hold back in his MVP acceptance speech, playfully teasing his team’s main critic.

In his acceptance speech, Parsons humorously referenced Stephen A. Smith, highlighting his triumph over the renowned sports commentator. 

“Crossed him up yesterday, gave it to him today. Stephen A.,” Parsons said.

The linebacker credited his teammates’ collective effort and determination for their victory over Team Stephen to continue his lighthearted dig at Smith.

“You can’t outplay heart, and all my teammates played with heart.”

Meanwhile, the Cowboys’ critics could not attend the event due to an ankle injury sustained while playing basketball with the Cowboys linebacker, per Yahoo Sports.

While Smith initially denied Parsons’ crossover as the cause, he didn’t shy away from labeling the two-time All-Pro as an offensive foul. 

“Micah Parsons is an offensive foul waiting to happen. He can’t help himself. He was out there playing against ladies last night. They were practicing on the court with him and he was running them over. He can’t help himself. He cannot help himself. He cannot separate football from basketball.”

Despite Parsons’ triumph on the court, it was fortunate for Smith that he didn’t witness the game firsthand.

Tyreek Hill weighs in on Parsons injuring Smith rumors

Following the Super Bowl LVIII,  the NFL world is now buzzing with Micah Parsons’ back-to-back shot on Smith, the Miami Dolphins’ star receiver Tyreek Hill also could not resist from chiming in with his perspective on the incident.

Upon learning about the incident earlier in the day, Hill took to social media platform X to express his concern, attributing the injury to the actions of Parsons. 

“Micah Parson hurt Stephen smith smh,” Hill wrote.

Hill’s response seemed rooted in genuine concern for Smith’s well-being, especially considering the analyst’s upcoming commitment as a coach for an NBA exhibition game scheduled for 7 p.m. EST. Fortunately, despite the initial alarm raised by Hill’s comment, Smith’s injury turned out to be less severe than anticipated, allowing him to fulfill his coaching duties without major hindrance.

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