Michael Schumacher’s brother pinpoints one “significant” difference between Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc

Ferrari has made a significant move by appointing Lewis Hamilton as the primary driver for the Italian Scuderia team. This decision, in turn, positions Charles Leclerc as the new teammate for the seven-time World Champion.

The potential of this new pairing has generated widespread interest, prompting discussions among Formula One experts who are already sharing insights on the situation.

Ralf Schumacher talks on future Ferrari duo Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc

Michael Schumacher’s brother, Ralf Schumacher, has shared an opinion about the potential main drivers of the Italian-based squad. According to the German driver, since Charles Leclerc has been driving for Ferrari for ages, it is evident that he will be bound to have a fair advantage over the British driver.

Realistically, as Lewis Hamilton has been driving for Mercedes since the 2013 season, it would not be easy for him to adapt rapidly to the new changes in a completely different car and environment. In the meantime, the Spaniard could take advantage of the situation by dominating the grid once more, like in some of his previous wins.

Speaking about the situation, Ralf said, “When Lewis Hamilton moves to Ferrari, he will try to be the number one in the team, but I think he will have to fight for it because Charles Leclerc has been there for a long time. However, the most important thing is what the drivers want.”

Furthermore, elaborating his opinion, he added “Lewis needs a stable car, while Charles can easily drive an unstable car, and he has already proven it extensively. It remains to be seen who will prevail, but with an unstable car, Charles can have significant advantages because he is already used to driving one.”

Charles Leclerc’s views on Ferrari signing Lewis Hamilton

On the contrary, Ferrari has expressed extreme optimism about the duo, despite both of them wanting to be the top drivers of the team.

Initially, Leclerc was shocked by the sudden decision of the team, as he had “no idea what was about to happen.” However, now that the matter has settled down, the 26-year-old has showcased happiness towards the new change, looking forward to ideally improving the team’s performance further this season.

He said, “Lewis is such an incredible driver, has achieved so much in the sport, so I think anybody on the grid would love to have Lewis as a team-mate, as everybody would learn a lot from him.”

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