MLB legend Alex Rodriguez thanks Tom Brady for keeping his ultra-competitive side in check

Even though Tom Brady retired from the NFL after the 2022 season, his enduring popularity among football fans remains steadfast. They continue to clamor for his return to the gridiron, yearning to witness the magic of the seven-time Super Bowl champion once more. Nevertheless, Brady remains resolute in his decision to hang up his cleats.

While fans pine for his return, Brady is focused on embracing the opportunities that life beyond football has to offer. Meanwhile, he recently crossed paths with MLB legend Alex Rodriguez.

Tom Brady links up with Alex Rodriguez in spectacular crossover

Retirement for sports legends Tom Brady and Alex Rodriguez isn’t about fading into the background, rather, it’s about seizing the moments life offers, whether on the field or on the fairway. Recently, they met at the illustrious Pebble Beach, California, for a round of golf, per Marca.

The former MLB star took to Instagram to capture glimpses of their outing, sharing photos and short clips that offered fans a peek into their day on the links.

“See @tombrady the retired athlete life isn’t so bad… thanks for not beating me too bad out there,” he wrote on Instagram. 

It’s evident that while the seven-time Super Bowl winner may have emerged victorious on the scoreboard, the true prize was the cherished moments shared between friends.

Their rendezvous wasn’t confined to the golf course alone. The duo also crossed paths at the Reform Alliance’s star-studded event, held at Atlantic City’s Ocean Casino Resort. This gala affair, organized by Fanatics founder Michael Rubin, aimed to raise funds for criminal justice reform.

Through Rodriguez’s social media posts, fans were treated to snapshots of their interactions with fellow celebrities, including NFL legend Tom Brady. Amidst the glitz and glamor of the event, Brady and Rodriguez stood shoulder to shoulder, united in their support for a cause greater than themselves.

The inaugural Reform Casino Night proved to be a resounding success, raising an impressive $24 million for criminal justice reform initiatives. 

 Tom Brady displayed his golfing skills in front of Tiger Woods 

Since its inception in 1937, the Seminole Pro-Member has been a revered fixture on the golf calendar, attracting elite players to the prestigious Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach. This year, fans were eager to see the event as Tiger Woods and Tom Brady’s relationship was set to rekindle.

On the tee sheet, meticulously curated by @5ClubsGolf, the pairings were set, with Woods teaming up with PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh and Brady joining forces with Tony Finau, the reigning champion of the Mexico Open.

The Seminole Pro-Member is renowned for its fierce competition, often dubbed “the first major of the year.” As the day started, spectators saw a display of skill and determination on the lush fairways and manicured greens of Seminole Golf Club.

In the end, it was California Cool who emerged victorious, as his affinity for golf was evident in his impressive performance alongside Finau. With a gross score of 69, they clinched a respectable finish, showcasing Brady’s prowess beyond the gridiron.

Meanwhile, Woods and Waugh faced a tougher challenge, struggling to find their rhythm amidst the unforgiving course. Despite their valiant efforts, they fell short of their expectations, finishing tied for 44th with a gross score of 70.

TB12’s passion for golf is no secret, as the former NFL star frequently indulges in the sport, often participating in Pro-Am and celebrity tournaments.

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