Months after securing blockbuster move to Suns, Bradley Beal aims to buff his $100 million worth with $2,200,000 profit scheme

After Bradley Beal made his much-anticipated move to the Phoenix Suns several months ago, the NBA star has wasted no time in strategizing his financial future. The versatile guard is about to embark on his twelfth season in the league and continues to be a recognized figure on the court.

With his fame and fortune, Beal is poised to make shrewd decisions and capitalize on lucrative opportunities. The Suns guard is now seeking to maximize his earnings through a new profit scheme worth $2,200,000.

Bradley Beal listed his $10 million Maryland mansion

NBA star Bradley Beal has recently listed his splendid $10 million mansion located in Maryland as Phoenix Suns’ shooting guard, has now set his sights on a different kind of court – the real estate market.

Bradley Beal's mansion
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The 3x All-Star paid $7.8M for the property back in 2019. Nestled in an exclusive neighborhood, Beal’s mansion oozes elegance and luxury in every corner. With its expansive living spaces, arcade room, splendid kitchen, and indoor basketball court, this mansion truly offers a lavish lifestyle fit for a star athlete.

Bradley Beal’s decision to put his Maryland retreat on the market has sparked speculation among basketball fans and real estate enthusiasts alike. Some speculate it could be the trade to Phoenix Suns, while others suggest this could be a smart investment move by the player. Now listed at $10,000,000, if Beal manages to sell the property, he would be making a profit of $2,200,000 from the real estate scheme.

Beal’s contract with Suns

Bradley Beal is currently on the five-year deal worth $251,019,650 that he signed in July 2022. The contract comes with an average salary of $50,203,930 per annum. In the 2023-24 season, the Suns guard will earn a base salary of $46,741,590, with a cap hit value of $46,741,590 and a dead cap of $46,741,590. His current salary makes him one of the highest paid players in the league. Known for his scoring prowess and ability to create his own shot, Beal brings experience with attacking attributes to the Suns.

Bradley Beal
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While the contract in itself is a big headline, adding Beal to their roster could be a marquee signing for the Suns for the upcoming season. With the formidable partnership of Beal and Devin Booker, Suns’ fans haven’t shied away from the fact that the championship could return to Phoenix, Arizona.

As for Bradley Beal, securing such a lucrative offer at the age of 30 is definitely a win-win on his personal level, but would that pay off on the court is another question to be asked. As the season approaches closer, the fans have felt, what is definitely a mentality of “togetherness” which has been brewing inside the community.

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