Months after shutting down relationship rumors, Lakers’ Austin Reaves comically claims heartbreak over Taylor Swift

Los Angeles Lakers’ Austin Reaves has had an inspiring journey from going undrafted to making a spot in the starting 5 alongside stars like LeBron James. The young sensation recently took on an interview to express his mock heartbreak over the rumor of a failed romantic relationship with a pop sensation.

The 24-year-old shooting guard seemed to be poking fun at the gossip mill, adding a comical twist to the headlines, yet not adding any fuel to the fire. Fans were quick to respond to his rumors with a few words of wisdom before the start of the season.

Reaves adds humor to media day with Taylor Swift revelation

“I’ll stay out of the media” was the response when Reaves was asked if he was interested in dating Taylor Swift. Although there had been rumors of the two dating and meeting up, Austin Reaves denies any speculations of having any interactions.

In an interview with SHOWTIME Basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Austin Reaves made it clear and in a rather humorous way, to end the drama that has been circulating around the media about him. Fans were quick to catch on to the satire, with many applauding Reaves for his light-hearted response to the rumors, but others encouraged him to stay humble and focus on his on-the-court career.

Swift, who has a history of making light of her own dating life through her music, has yet to comment on Reaves’ playful reaction or any of the rumors. For now, it seems both stars are focused on their respective careers, leaving fans to wonder if there will be any more comical twists in this ongoing saga.

Austin Reaves dismissed talk of romantic involvement

Austin Reaves firmly denied any romantic involvement with music sensation Taylor Swift. The rumors surrounding the pair started swirling after they were spotted together allegedly a few months ago. However, NBA star Reaves was quick to dismiss the speculations as baseless.

Austin Reaves

Reaves, known for his focus and dedication to basketball, didn’t let the speculation distract him. He expressed his determination to remain focused on the upcoming season and his professional goals. The athlete, who has been making waves in the sport with his incredible performances, has stated there has been no romantic involvement. Although Reaves hasn’t completely ruled out the option but for now, he remains focused on his on-court achievements.

As the rumors are put to rest, Austin Reaves looks to return his focus to his love for the game, leaving fans excited about the season ahead. But the NBA is known for its on and off-court dramas, leaving a big “if” for the near future.

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