Months after social media controversy, Carlos Sainz’s mother describes her breakdown before son’s incredible feat

Carlos Sainz has experienced a rollercoaster of announcements in a relatively short span of time, beginning with his pole position win in Monza. His victory in Singapore came as a surprise to many, as his exceptional performance in the absence of the Red Bull team was unexpected.

In 2022, Ferrari experienced a spectacular start to the season, thanks to Charles Leclerc securing consecutive wins and pole positions for the team. He even engaged in a thrilling battle with Max Verstappen throughout the first half of the season. However, this year, he has been unable to replicate that same level of performance due to Ferrari’s underwhelming performance. Surprisingly, he has been outperformed by his teammate, Carlos Sainz, and has yet to secure a victory.

Carlos Sainz’s mother describes her breakdown before son’s historic feat

Carlos Sainz is a highly dedicated driver in the industry, continually honing his skills whenever the opportunity arises. Achieving victory at the Italian Grand Prix was a monumental milestone for the Spaniard after years of hard work. Thousands of fans celebrated his triumph, and among them was his mother, Mrs. Reyes Vázquez de Castro, who was profoundly moved by her son’s pole position win in Monza.

Carlos’ official page on YouTube released a video of him being asked how he feels after achieving the pole position in front of the Tifosi, he replied: Ask my mum to see how it went.”

His mother at that very moment replied with, I nearly cried Carlos, goosebumps! He’s so lucky.She also unveiled that she came by the car to celebrate the pole and said, It was amazing!”

For every son, their mother’s opinions matter a lot, and it was the same for Carlos, who was motivated to achieve victory in every race, giving tough competition to Verstappen as per his name “Chilli.”

Carlos Sainz’s mother once liked controversial tweet

Carlos’s mother was recently, involved in a controversy, by liking a Twitter post, which showcased the individual’s hatred towards Charles Leclerc, Carlos’s teammate.

By doing so, fans are raging and accusing Mrs. Reyes Vázquez de Castro of being biased towards his son.

On the contrary, some fans have also commented that such things should not matter, as the Internet is a delusion to the world and there could have been many reasons behind her liking the post, some of which suggested that it could be a slip of hand as she was an elderly woman. 

Nevertheless, such controversies have never affected the teammates’ relationship and will remain like that further, throughout their journey.

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