Natalya Offers Insights on WWE Women’s Division Amid Allegations Against Vince McMahon

The wrestling industry has been rocked by allegations against the founder of WWE, Vince McMahon, for sexual assault against a former WWE employee. He has been charged with a big lawsuit and the reports revealed many secrets of Mr. McMahon.

However, McMahon’s departure from the Stamford-based promotion has probably given many in the WWE Women’s Division a sense of relief. WWE superstar Natalya recently addressed the impact of the allegations on the female wrestlers on the WWE roster during a recent interview.

Natalya Addresses Impact of Allegations on Women in WWE

In a recent interview with “Gorilla Position,” Natalya spoke about the impact of the allegations on women in WWE. While she believes she has formed strong bonds with all the women in the locker room, she thinks that WWE should prioritize improving the women’s division.

According to her, the most crucial aspect is ensuring that women are included and provided with a platform to shine brighter than ever before. “For me, the biggest focus is inclusion for the women and making sure that the women in WWE, right now, shine brighter than they ever have before,” said Natalya.

She believes that despite the difficulties of processing the allegations they see online, everyone can move forward. For her, what keeps her grounded are her relationships with the girls in the locker room. She emphasizes the importance of staying positive and supportive of one another, being available to talk and work through feelings together.

“I think what grounds me are my relationships with the girls in the locker room. How we can stay positive for each other, how we can stay supportive of each other, just by being there to talk to each other and work through feelings,” Natalya added.

Natalya acknowledged that the current situation affects everyone differently, emphasizing the need for empathy and providing opportunities for individuals to showcase their talents. She expressed confidence in the strength of WWE’s women’s division, advocating for increased chances for women to shine.

Natalya highlighted the importance of creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for women in the industry. Following a lawsuit against McMahon, he resigned from TKO Group Holdings but retained ownership of the company’s shares. Federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating the former WWE executive in connection with the allegations, but the outcome remains uncertain.

Natalya Addresses WrestleMania 40 Scenario

At a recent WrestleMania Kick-Off Press Event held in Las Vegas, Natalya, a former WWE Divas Champion, revealed some details about the ongoing storyline of WrestleMania 40. The storyline involves The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes.

According to Natalya, The American Nightmare has reclaimed his main event spot for the Showcase of the Immortals from Dwayne Johnson. Rhodes has chosen Reigns as his opponent for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion title.

After Cody Rhodes took a shot at The Tribal Chief, things turned sour when The Brahma Bull slapped him. As a result, Triple H has officially announced the main event match for WrestleMania 40, which has seemingly put the 51-year-old legend on the sidelines for now. On the Gorilla Position podcast, Natalya shared her thoughts on what led to WWE cooking up high-stakes drama between Reigns, Rhodes, and Johnson.

“To me, Cody has been working hard for it, and he’s deserved it, so I think there was this moment where it was, like, it’s going to be like I said in WWE, we only sometimes as talent, we only have so much power when it was decided okay, it’s going to be Rock vs. Roman when the fans spoke up and they showed such an outcry for Cody, I think it made it exciting, and honestly, it made Cody into the biggest babyface in the company,” said Natalya.

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