NBA community trolls Lakers’ fifth loss in six games since IST: “Sold their soul for a participation tournament”

The Lakers are not in the best situation in the league right now, with four consecutive losses, with the latest one coming against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday. The squad is facing major problems with injuries, and the key players have not been able to participate in games regularly.

Austin Reaves spoke about the situation and displayed his great desire to win with the team, setting aside the thirst for individual accolades. The NBA community has not taken this fall suffered by the purple and gold lightly and turned it into an opportunity to troll the 17-time NBA champions.

Anthony Davis on the Lakers fourth straight loss

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered the loss against the Minnesota Timberwolves and it was their fourth consecutive loss after winning the In-Season Tournament. Lebron James did not play in the match and was out with an ankle injury. Anthony Davis took the helm with the hope of leading his team toward victory but was unable to do so. He later spoke on the current situation of the Purple and Gold after the game.

Davis reportedly said, “I think that overall our efforts were there tonight… It sucks to lose. No moral victories, nobody is going to feel sorry for us. We are not feeling sorry for ourselves, just got to figure it out.” Davis has been doing his best but has not been able to perform because of his hip injury, which has been troubling him for a while.

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NBA community trolls Lakers losing streak in regular season

The Lakers’ fourth straight loss is not going down easily in the NBA community. They are trolling the purple and gold on social media, with comments blaming them for going too hard in the In-Season Tournament. One person commented, “That’s how you know the tournament was scripted,” indicating that the In-Season tournament was scripted for the Lakers to win as there would have been no chance they won with their current form.

Another person criticized the Lakers for going too hard in the In-Season Tournament which is costing them now. He wrote, “Sold their soul for a participation tournament.”

Another person pointed out that the Lakers should have never “hung that banner” which meant that they shouldn’t have celebrated so hard after their In-Season Tournament win.

What do you think of Anthony Davis’ statements after the loss at the hands of the Wolves? Do you think that the Lakers will be able to make a comeback in the regular season? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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