NBA fans mock Draymond Green ending his 2017 Paul Pierce trash-talking beef: “2 most unlikeable people”

Draymond Green has become synonymous with controversy, and every time he engages in a verbal altercation, it becomes a talking point. Even on the hardwood, his actions targeting the opponent’s limbs have gotten him into trouble.

Amidst all these squabbles, an incident from 2017 involving another former NBA stalwart, Paul Pierce, has now been explained. The duo has finally settled their argument from the game, and it ended on a humorous note.

Draymond Green squashed his 2017 Paul Pierce trash-talking beef

Draymond Green is well-known for being vocal, and one of his notable instances got caught by microphones in 2017, spreading like wildfire. This story has resurfaced recently on his podcast “The Draymond Green Show.”

During a game between the LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors, Green engaged in heated trash talk with Paul Pierce, who was in his last season. The 10-time NBA All-Star spent most of that season on the bench and appeared for only 2.8 minutes in the 25 games he played.

Green had to defend the Clippers’ Blake Griffin, the same year when the Warriors’ power forward won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year title. While Griffin was shooting free throws, Green shouted at the bench telling Pierce, “Chasing that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that! You can’t get no farewell tour, they don’t love you like that! You ain’t got that type of love. You thought you was Kobe?”

The clip surfaced on the internet and has millions of views to this date. Now, Paul Pierce, who has been clarifying the past incidents lately, revealed his side of the story on Green’s show. As it turns out, the former NBA player was passing comments in the game from the bench. When he saw the Warriors’ loyal star getting physical with Griffin he could not hold back and screamed, “What the f— going on, man? Hold on, Blake! Bust his a—, man. Hell nah. You can’t let him do that.”

While talking about the episode, the 46-year-old addressed Green as “Snake” and said, “Everybody know [Draymond] the head of the snake. And if you got at the head of the snake, you got a shot. … I want everybody to know this is what we on this year.”

The 10-time NBA All-Star claimed that he did not know what Green had said until he checked Twitter (Now X) where Green’s clip went viral. Despite the incident, Paul Pierce confessed to having high regard for the host, as he remains true to his character.

NBA fans ridicule ‘unlikeable’ Draymond Green and Paul Pierce

Draymond Green does something and it does not grab the attention of the NBA fans, which is next to impossible, and that too when the controversial Paul Pierce joins him. In the podcast, Green and Pierce shared their infamous trash-talking incident during a 2017 game, which caught the eyes of the NBA community and they quickly threw some of the amusing comments on the veterans.

Here are some of the selected comments and tweets on X in light of their recent revelation:

A fan commented calling the veterans not likeable,saying, “The 2 most unlikeable people in league history.”

Another fan hilariously drew a comparison between their story and a romantic comedy movie and wrote, “Wow, it’s like the NBA version of a rom-com plot twist! Love to see rivalries turn into friendships.”

While someone was convinced after reading the facial expression of Paul that he had heard what Green said. The fan commented, “Pierce face expression on the bench said it all, ain’t no way you can convince us that you didn’t hear what he said. Lmao it’s all love though.”

An NBA fan wrote, “Good job. Now Draymond needs to squash 49 more beefs,” addressing the multiple violence Green has involved himself in.

Since Draymond Green has not provided any clear indication of his retirement, fans can expect his on-court and off-court antics will continue for some time to come.

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