NBA fans rip at former Grizzlies star for criticizing Ja Morant’s controversial gun celebration: “Folks gotta chill”

The Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has finally made his way back to the court after getting suspended for quite some time. In his absence, the Grizzlies were seen to be struggling in the league, and Morant took the responsibility for it.

After coming back, he has been able to elevate the level of the play at the Grizzlies single-handedly and is delivering top-class performances himself. However, a recent celebration by Morant has raised concerns about the star’s attitude which were discussed by a former Grizzlies star who is now getting ripped on social media for his misunderstood remarks.

Chandler Parsons criticizes Ja Morant for controversial celebration

Former Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons, who spent three years with the Grizzlies, recently criticized Ja Morant for his celebration. Parsons appeared on FanduelTV as a panelist to talk and express his views on various topics that were to be discussed. He was accompanied by two other panelists- NBA Insider Shams Charania and Lou Willams. The discussion was hosted by Michelle Beadle who asked Parsons about Morant’s celebration.

She compared Morant’s celebration to a delinquent kid who when comes back from trouble goes straight back to do the same thing. In this context, Parsons replied, “Yeah that’s the issue and we are laughing. It is so shocking that we are talking about him doing possibly the slightest thing gun-related at this point with everything that he has done… it’s ridiculous but you gotta grow up.”

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NBA fans rip at Chandler Parsons for slamming Ja Morant

It looks like Chandler Parsons’ comments on Grizzlies star Ja Morant have not been received very well. The former Grizzlies player is being torn apart by the netizens on social media for his comments.

People believe that Parsons and Michelle misunderstood the celebration done by Morant. Morant did a celebration which is a popular New Orleans dance, however, the steps of that dance can resemble picking up a bazooka. This led to a misunderstanding that Morant was doing a gun-related celebration.

One fan commented on his views and told Parsons to clear his misunderstanding. He wrote, “For the love of God…Ja Morant was not doing air pistols or a bazooka. He was doing a NEW ORLEANS dance in NEW ORLEANS. Folks gotta chill. The locals there knew exactly what it was.”

Another fan expressed his displeasure with Parsons’ take and commented, “Y’all are mad weird for this”, while another one asked them to stop overreacting. He wrote, “You do realize it’s a New Orleans dance he was doing right..stop overreacting.”

What’s your take on Ja Morant’s celebration? What do you think of Chandler Parson’s take on it? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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