NBA fans unimpressed with Lakers star Austin Reaves new Rigorer AR1 sneaker launch: “Not buying that mid”

The Los Angeles rising star Austin Reaves known for his creative approach on the court, tried something similar off the court as well. Reaves recently unveiled his new signature launch hoping to make a lasting impression on NBA fans.

However, instead of excitement, his innovative move has received a lukewarm response, with many basketball enthusiasts expressing their disappointment. Critics argue that despite Reaves’ admirable attempt at innovation, the execution fell short of expectations.

NBA fans mock Austin Reaves’ new sneakers

The basketball world was buzzing with anticipation as Lakers’ rising star, Austin Reaves unveiled his highly anticipated signature sneaker, the Rigorer AR1. However, instead of praise and excitement, the unveiling stirred up mockery and disappointment among NBA fans.

The Rigorer AR1 was supposed to be the culmination of Reaves’ journey from an undrafted player to a rising force in the league. However, when images of the shoe hit social media, the reaction was far from positive. Fans were quick to voice their dissatisfaction, citing uninspiring design and questionable colorways. Some joked that the AR1 looked more like a generic department store brand than a signature sneaker.

The main issue that fans had with Reaves’ sneaker was its lackluster design. From its uninspiring color scheme to its generic silhouette, nothing about the Rigorer AR1 stood out or captured the imaginations of the fans. Social media erupted with sarcastic comments, with many fans expressing their disappointment and stating that they would pass on purchasing the shoe. The consensus was unanimous, “That ain’t it, chief.”

Despite the hype surrounding the release of the Rigorer AR1 sneakers, it seems that Austin Reaves and his design team missed the mark with their latest creation. Time will tell if Reaves and his production team can bounce back from this setback and deliver a sneaker that truly resonates with NBA fans. In the meantime, it is clear that the Rigorer AR1 launch has not gone according to plan, leaving Reaves with mixed reviews from the very audience he aimed to impress.

How much do Austin Reaves’ sneakers cost?

Austin Reaves has recently inked a lucrative signature shoe deal with the renowned Chinese brand, Rigorer. The news has taken the sneaker community by storm, filled with excitement and anticipation. Fans are eagerly waiting to get their hands on Austin Reaves’ first-ever signature shoe, the Rigorer AR1.

Austin Reaves
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According to the reputable Kicks Crew website, the cost of Austin Reaves sneakers is set at US$186. This has allowed fans to join the hype and connect with the player’s journey towards greatness.

But the appeal of the Rigorer AR1 doesn’t stop at its affordability. These sneakers offer a wide range of color variations, ensuring that there is a style to suit every taste. One particular inspiration was the “Showtime,” which pays homage to the iconic Showtime Lakers. With this edition, Reaves aims to reflect the hard work and determination he has poured into his career to become a part of the legendary NBA franchise.

As the Rigorer AR1 “Showtime” readies itself for release on KICKS CREW, fans, and sneaker enthusiasts prepare to witness the birth of a true basketball icon’s signature footwear line.

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