NBA icon Charles Barkley promises to ‘punch’ any black person wearing ex-US President Donald Trump’s mug-shot T-shirt

Charles Barkley, in his 16-year NBA career, has not only shown tremendous b-balling skills but has also remained a flag bearer for his community. Born as the first black child born in an all-white town hospital and being one of the pilot members of the black group in his elementary school, Barkley always possessed a deeper connection to hit roots.

While racism is still a painful part of society, Charles Barkley could not remain silent after the recent remarks of former US President Donald Trump, which only lit the fuse of the former Sixers’ pride.

Charles Barkley shares honest opinion on Donald Trump’s mugshot remark

Charles Barkley boldly threatened to attack any black person who dared to walk around with the former President Donald Trump’s mug shot.

After Trump was arrested for trying to tamper with the results of the presidential election in Georgia in 2020, the former US president created controversies by dragging the Black community, saying that they embraced his famous mug shot.

He said, “You know who embraced it more than anyone else? The Black population.” He called it incredible, suggesting that they liked him.

During his conversation with TV personality Gayle King, the ever-vocal Charles Barkley said regarding Trump’s statement, “First of all, I’m just gonna say this: if I see a Black person walking around with Trump’s mugshot, I’m [gonna] punch him in the face.”

When Gayle reminded him that he might get into trouble for the assault, he jokingly said that he would get himself bailed and celebrate. The former NBA star felt that it was an insult to the black community, given the years of discrimination and difficulties they had to go through, which are immeasurable compared to the former wealthy president’s prosecution.

Barkley concluded by saying he was offended and would have walked out of the conference as the former president had put himself in the same category as the unprivileged black people during his speech at the Black Conservative Federation’s annual Honors Gala.

Charles Barkley favors Stephen A. Smith for president

Charles Barkley has taken keen interest, like every other American resident, in the Donald Trump versus Joe Biden debate. The ever-opinionated analyst recently shown his support for Nikki Haley for the presidential run but he flipped while talking to Stephen A. Smith.

On The Stephen A. Smith Show, the host asked if he was running in the election and whether or not Barkley would vote for the man whom he once threatened to beat up. Without a shadow of a doubt, Barkley answered in the affirmative and justified his answer. The 11-time NBA All-Star said, “because I know you don’t have an evil bone in your body and I don’t think you have an agenda. That’s all I want. Even if you vote for somebody, you’re not gonna agree on every subject.”

While Stephen A. Smith’s standing in the election is a discussion for another day, Barkley made it clear that until someone does not have any hidden agenda, they have his support.

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