NBA legend LeBron James’ diary unveils tribute to 38-year-old Michael Jordan’s skills

NBA legend LeBron James revealed deep insights into his respect for Michael Jordan’s remarkable skills in a moving tribute to the 38-year-old Jordan. Jordan’s enduring greatness is reflected in James’ diary entry, which sheds light on the timeless traits that continue to inspire future generations.

This private reflection highlights the enduring impact of Jordan’s legacy on contemporary stars like LeBron, demonstrating how Jordan’s skill set continues to influence the game even as he gracefully ages. The diary offers a unique perspective on the admiration and respect that span generations, showcasing Jordan’s lasting influence on the sport and those who aspire to be like him.

LeBron James’ high school diary highlights admiration for Michael Jordan

During the 2001-02 NBA season, LeBron James, a junior at St. Vincent-St. Mary, wrote in his high school diary about Michael Jordan’s comeback with the Washington Wizards. James appreciated Jordan’s ability to sustain a 25-point-per-game average, expressing unrivalled appreciation for the NBA legend’s ongoing prowess.

The piece, written for SLAM Magazine, emphasised LeBron’s admiration for Jordan and his impact on basketball, even while LeBron was rising in his own career. While James and Jordan did not compete in the league at the same time, LeBron’s notebook post indicated his deep respect for Jordan’s history.

Jordan’s return exploits that season, particularly a memorable 44-point game, captured LeBron’s attention and affection, displaying his respect for the icon’s long-lasting impact on the sport. Fast forward to LeBron’s 21st NBA season, now at 38, and he has surpassed conventional expectations, mirroring Jordan’s durability.

LeBron’s current numbers, which show him averaging 25.1 points per game while shooting at a high percentage, reflect Jordan’s adaptability. LeBron’s ability to alter his style and sustain peak performance is consistent with Jordan’s history, demonstrating that age is no barrier to basketball success. Both athletes have made memorable contributions to basketball history.

Pistons legend offers perspective in Jordan-LeBron GOAT debate

Former NBA star John Salley recently chimed in on the annual dispute between Michael Jordan and LeBron James on FS1’s UNDISPUTED, firmly supporting with Jordan as the best of all time. Salley’s perspective arose from Jordan’s revolutionary influence on the NBA, which helped shape the league into the profitable behemoth it is today, helping current stars like LeBron.

Salley delved deeper into the conversation, reminiscing about his encounters with Jordan during his time with the Pistons and highlighting the immense challenge Jordan presented on the court. Salley expressed a preference for Jordan as a teammate, citing his firsthand knowledge of Jordan’s unrivaled significance.

While lauding Jordan’s GOAT title for revolutionising the game, Salley praised LeBron James’ amazing durability, comparing it to Tom Brady’s in football. He praised LeBron’s ability to continue playing at a high level far into his mid-40s, drawing parallels between LeBron’s approach and Magic Johnson’s playmaking abilities.

Furthermore, Salley highlighted the evolution of basketball rules, suggesting that modern players have an advantage due to changes such as the elimination of hand-checking and more frequent foul calls. These factors have influenced discussions comparing players from different eras.

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