NC State star DJ Burns to switch from basketball to football following rumored NFL teams interest?

The NFL offseason is going in full swing as all the teams are vying to bolster their rosters, which will let the NFL fans see a great roster overhaul before the 2024 season. Amid the frenzy of NFL offseason moves, the back-to-back Super Bowl winner, Kansas City Chiefs made headlines by adding former rugby sensation Louis Rees-Zammit to their roster. 

On another front, NC State standout DJ Burns has caught the attention of NFL pundits, with former player Pat McAfee expressing admiration for his athletic prowess. 

DJ Burns to potentially leave basketball to play football?

NC State basketball standout DJ Burns is garnering attention from NFL scouts and general managers who see potential in him as a football player, particularly as an offensive tackle. According to NFL Network’s Peter Schrager, Burns’ impressive footwork and size have caught the eye of personnel across the league.

“Spokey to and texted multiple scouts/GMs about NC State big man DJ Burns as an NFL OT prospect over the last 24 hours. He is listed at 6’9, but probably is 6’7. A+ footwork. Would get big turnout & potentially $ if he participated in a Pro Day/workout the week after the Final 4,” Schrager stated.

Jim Nagy, executive director of the Senior Bowl and former NFL scout, revealed that he received inquiries about Burns from multiple high-ranking NFL officials within a short span of time, indicating widespread interest in the athlete’s potential transition to football.

Meanwhile, New York Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh and NFL analyst Shannon Sharpe have both shared their thoughts on Burns’ potential in football. Pugh contacted Burns through social media to showcase his undiscovered potential, while Sharpe explored the potential of Burns venturing into a career in the NFL during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take.

However, despite the allure of football, the NC State player remains steadfast in his pursuit of a career in professional basketball. During a recent interview on “The Rich Eisen Show,” the young athlete expressed his strong desire to pursue a career in basketball.

Pat McAfee lavishes praise on DJ Burns 

Former NFL player Pat McAfee recently lauded the athletic prowess of DJ Burns during an episode of “The Pat McAfee Show.” McAfee highlighted Burns’ impressive physical attributes, noting his towering 6-9 frame and solid footwork, which could pave the way for a successful transition to the left tackle position in the NFL.

“At 6-9, now that’s big. I don’t know how many 6-9 tackles there are, that kind of scares me a little bit actually with how low guys can get right now. But DJ BJ’s feet and his agility, his athleticism. He’s ripe to make 25, 30 million a year at left tackle in the NFL if he can figure it out,” McAfee said, per Mirror.

The former NFL player even suggested that Burns could command a hefty salary of 25 to 30 million dollars per year if he can adapt to the demands of playing left tackle in the NFL.

Meanwhile, the NBA star himself has a background in football. He played as a tight end and defensive end during his youth, but ultimately pursued basketball after receiving a scholarship offer in eighth grade.

His impact on the basketball court has been undeniable, particularly during NC State’s remarkable postseason run. He was recognized as the ACC Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player, averaging 18.5 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game.

What career path should Burns choose? Share your opinion in the comment box. 

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