Newly implemented NBA rule can cost Tyrese Haliburton $40,000,000 from his Pacers contract

The newly implemented Player Participation Policy could cost the Indiana Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton a significant amount of money if he becomes even slightly careless.

The PPP was imposed in the league last October. While it has increased the participation of star players in regular season matches, it has also impacted a few players unable to meet the policy requirements due to injuries.

$40 million repercussion for Tyrese Haliburton

According to the new Player Participation Policy, a player must play 65 games in the regular season to be eligible for nominations for individual awards in the league, including the league MVP award. This means that a player should not miss more than 17 games in the regular season, or else they would be ineligible for individual honors in the league.

Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton is in a critical situation as he has missed 13 games already, due to his hamstring injury. If Haliburton misses more than 4 games in the future he will be ineligible for individual honors of the league. It means that he won’t be selected for the All-NBA team.

Haliburton’s contract has a clause that guarantees him the full contract amount only if he makes the All-NBA team this season. However, if he fails to do so, the amount that he would receive will be significantly lower and would cost him around a whopping $40 million. Haliburton is not the only player facing problems with the rule, 76ers Joel Embiid is also under threat of losing his MVP eligibility.

Pacers G left unimpressed with “stupid” rule

Tyrese Haliburton, who turned into a fanboy upon meeting WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, was not happy with the new player participation policy at all. It is understandable why he would feel that way, given that his injury can now possibly cost him a huge amount of money.

Tyrese Haliburton
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“It’s a stupid rule, like many guys in this league, but this is what owners want, so as players, we got to do our job and play in 65 games if we can. That is what I got to do, take care of my body to be able to play in games, and I think you are seeing other players in the league kind of face the same problem. As long as the owners are happy,” reportedly said Haliburton.

He blamed the owners for wanting the new rule that is causing problems for many players, and he highlighted that as a player, he can do nothing but go in line with what the owners want.

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