Neymar Jr’s rumored third child with São Paulo model sparks laughter among soccer fans

The Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr is counted among the most popular athletes and sporting stars across the world. He is also one of the highest-paid players in soccer, making headlines not only for his record-breaking transfers but also for his off-field stories, glamorous private lifestyle, and dating life.

Once again, Neymar Jr finds himself swirled into controversy amid his path to recovery from an ACL injury. He is now expecting a third child from his affair with a Brazilian model following his split from his partner Bruna Biancardi, which has erupted in criticism from netizens.

Neymar Jr reported to have third child with São Paulo model

Recently, Al-Hilal’s boss took a brutally honest dig at Neymar Jr’s private life, questioning his dedication to his profession. Seemingly, this scrutiny is not slowing down, as recent reports have revealed that the former Barcelona star is expecting his third child with Sao Paulo model Amanda Kimberley.

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Reportedly, the model is three months pregnant, and the player will be a father for the third time. Although the player’s advisor denied the reports, it is said that Neymar and his family are aware of the news. Moreover, he is expected to undergo a DNA test after the baby is born.

Just three months ago, Neymar Jr and his ex-girlfriend Bruna Biancardi welcomed their newborn daughter, Mavi. However, the pair recently separated following speculations of Neymar being involved in infidelity. He had previously accepted the allegations and even asked for forgiveness, but it couldn’t save their relationship.

“This is a private affair, but as I’m linked on a daily basis to news reports, suppositions, and jokes, I’m informing you that I’m not in a relationship. We are Mavie’s parents, and that’s the reason for our link,” clarified Neymar’s former girlfriend Bruna. “I hope that with this people stop linking me to these frequent pieces of news. Thank you.”

Neymar Jr has not had a great time in his career since making his surprising switch to the Saudi Pro League from PSG. His decision to leave Europe has shocked the fans. With an array of injuries disrupting his campaign, he was later declared out for the rest of the season.

Soccer community reacts to Neymar Jr’s third child speculation

As soon as reports of Neymar Jr expecting another child from another one of his affairs outside of his relationship broke out, fans and the soccer fraternity called out the 31-year-old about his private lifestyle. Strong reactions have been pouring in from all over social media lately.

A Twitter user expressed their view, writing, “Does Neymar wonder what his life would be like in his 50s? He can’t keep getting another woman pregnant every six months; he has to stop at one point. Who in their right mind would want to be with a man with, I don’t know, 10 children by then?”

Another user added, “Neymar got another woman pregnant while his youngest daughter is just 3 months old, wtffff,” expressing concern.

The third user said, “Bruh, Neymar gets someone pregnant every other week, what is this man doing?’ expressing his disbelief.”

Retweeting the post, another netizen wrote, “Looks like Neymar got another woman pregnant. His youngest daughter is 3 or 4 months old. Three kids from three mothers. None of them were his wife at any time. Amazing example of a man.”


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