NFL analyst backs Aaron Rodgers to checkmate $708 million Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen with $37 million sacrifice

Most running backs in the NFL are fighting to get the minimum pay in accordance to their value on the field while the quarterbacks are busy overshadowing each other to become the highest-paid players in the league. However, the New York Jets’ new starter Aaron Rodgers is seemingly just trying to do everything possible for his new home, keeping financial gains aside.

Amid the Los Angeles Chargers Justin Herbert’s massive five-year, $262.5 million extension news, Rodgers instead decided to accept a pay cut to offer economic flexibility to the Jets. Recently, an NFL analyst raved about the former Green Bay Packers quarterback while projecting his new squad to become the AFC champion in the upcoming season.

Aaron Rodgers to lift Lombardy trophy over AFC heavyweights in Chiefs, Bills, Bengals: Analyst

The NFL analysts were having a discussion about the topic, “Which of the 13 now leftover teams in AFC represents the main challenger to the AFC ‘Big three’ (Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals) here?”

Ryan Leaf said he is going to surprise everyone with his answer and picked Gang Green’s name as the potential team able to dethrone the ‘Big Three’ in the AFC. He said the Jets made some major moves in the last few months including the signing of Aaron along with his pay cut and the potential acquisition of Cook. Hence, he thinks the franchise can be in the run of winning a Lombardi trophy beating the other three to have a successful return,

“They have done nothing but built a juggernaut. They are about to bring Dalvin Cook. The possibility of adding him into the mix. Aaron Rodgers is to get a $37.5 million pay cut to give cap value to this team. The expectations are so high. The only thing they can do to meet said expectations is to dismantle these three and win the Super Bowl.”

Aaron Rodgers

Leaf heaped praise on the four-time MVP’s move to accept a pay cut saying the veteran star already knows that he is going to lead his team to an upward trajectory and hence, his pay cut could instead provide him with double value at the end of the season,

“Aaron Rodgers knows exactly what he is doing. ‘I will give up $37 million. When I walk out with the Lombardi trophy…I will have earned that amount in just like five minutes because I would be the biggest thing since Broadway Joe here in New York. So, we know what he is doing. He is playing chess while everybody else are playing checkers.”

Jets QB accepted $37 million pay cut to join the NY outfit

A-Rod restructured his contract with Robert Saleh’s team to accept a pay cut. According to an insider familiar with the deal, he reworked a two-year, $75 million guaranteed contract with the team, saving them approximately $35 million on the 39-year-old veteran’s salary over the next two seasons.

Following his recent training camp in New York, the 10-time Pro-Bowler said he knows about the Jets’ sacrifices to add him to their squad and hence, he restructured the deal to reassure them of his intention to play more than one season in the Big Apple, via Rich Cimini of ESPN,

“The team gave up significant pieces for it to just be a one-year deal. I’m aware of that. … Anything could happen with my body or the success we have this year, but I’m having a blast, so I really don’t see this as a one-year-and-done thing.”

Gang Green traded a second-round pick, a sixth-round pick as well as a conditional 2024 second-round pick that could become a first-round selection, and a first-round pick swap in 2023 to sign the signal-caller.

Both Aaron and the Jets are showcasing outstanding commitment following the blockbuster trade. Now it remains to be seen if the ex-Packers dual-threat can turn a new chapter in New York to end their prolonged Super Bowl drought.


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