NFL Commish Roger Goodell provides insight on Tom Brady’s Raiders minority ownership status

Tom Brady may have hung up his cleats, but he’s far from leaving the game behind. He transitioned from player to sports entrepreneur to venture into team ownership. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has already become a minority owner of several sports teams.

Brady’s latest endeavor involves a proposed minority ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite the agreement with Raiders owner Mark Davis last May, the deal remains pending nearly a year later. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently addressed the delay

Roger Goodell talks on Tom Brady and Raiders situation

Roger Goodell addressed the ongoing speculation surrounding Tom Brady’s potential investment in the Raiders during this week’s league meetings in Orlando. The proposed deal entails Brady joining a consortium aiming to purchase a 10% stake in the Raiders, with the team’s valuation standing at $5.8 billion.

Goodell clarified that there was no formal vote to greenlight Brady’s acquisition of the Raiders’ stake at the recent meetings. However, he emphasized that this doesn’t signify a departure from standard league procedures governing such transactions.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a delay. We go through a very thorough process … We’re just going through our process. We’ve been in touch with their side. I think it’s been making progress”, he said via Bleacher Report.

Two main concerns have emerged regarding Brady’s bid. Firstly, there were reservations from the NFL finance committee regarding the valuation of the Raiders, with suggestions that the initial offer from owner Mark Davis was undervalued. However, adjustments have reportedly been made to ensure a fair assessment of the team’s worth.

Secondly, Tom Terrific’s upcoming role as FOX’s lead game analyst on a lucrative long-term contract raised potential conflicts of interest. Analysts often receive insider information from teams ahead of broadcasts, and Brady’s dual roles could blur the lines between his ownership stake and his responsibilities as a media personality.

Goodell’s comments indicate that the league is taking a cautious approach to ensure transparency and adherence to its regulations amidst Brady’s bid. The league remains committed to upholding the integrity of ownership transactions and addressing any concerns regarding conflicts of interest.

Looking at sports teams owned by Tom Brady

Tom Brady made headlines last year by acquiring a minority ownership stake in English club Birmingham City. Alongside this investment, he assumed the role of chairman of the club’s advisory board, indicating his commitment to shaping its strategic direction. This move signifies California Cool’s foray into global sports marketing and commercial partnerships, leveraging his brand influence to drive growth.

TB12 ventured into the world of women’s basketball by purchasing a minority share of the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA. This strategic move aligns with the league’s mission to attract high-profile investors and enhance its marketability. His involvement promises to elevate the Aces’ profile both on and off the court.

Tom Brady
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The former NFL star also seized the opportunity to join an ownership group launching an expansion team in MLP’s 2023 season. Collaborating with notable figures such as Kim Clijsters and Matt Alvarez, he showcased his vision for driving innovation in sports management and fostering a culture of success.

Brady’s ambition extends beyond traditional sports. His ownership stake in the boating industry’s E1 World Championship served as proof of it. He teamed up with other elite athletes like Rafael Nadal and Didier Drogba, aiming to revolutionize the sport while promoting sustainability and delivering top-tier competition.


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