NFL community mocks Eagles WR A.J. Brown following his outrageous claim that the earth is flat: “Please teach him physics”

The intense exchange with quarterback Jalen Hurts that resulted in frustration in Week 2 turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Philadelphia Eagles receiver A.J. Brown. Since then, he has been determined to unleash the fierceness within himself, consistently making significant contributions to the Eagles’ winning streak in every game.

Furthermore, Brown has already captured the hearts of NFL fans with his on-field prowess. Consequently, he recently decided to showcase his knowledge and intelligence (GK) as well. However, this move has garnered a fair share of criticism in response.

A.J. Brown talks on the earth being flat

Players typically field questions related to their on-field performance and off-field matters. However, one reporter took an unconventional approach, seeking A.J. Brown’s perspective on the size of the Earth.

When faced with inquiries about the Earth’s shape, the receiver displayed an unexpected depth of thought. Rather than directly addressing the question, Brown expressed his amazement at the stability of rockets during liftoff.

“Have you ever paid attention to rockets when they take off? I want you to look up rockets taking off, and see the angle it takes off at, and wonder why it never goes straight in the air.”

His off-field perspective doesn’t truly impact the situation. In just seven games this season, he has already amassed 809 yards and scored three touchdowns, per ESPN.

 NFL fans troll A.J. Brown

After A.J. Brown’s clever response regarding the Earth reached the NFL community, they united in criticizing the Eagles’ players as a collective force.

While it’s a well-established scientific fact that the Earth is roughly spherical, the receiver’s opinion led some fans to wonder if perhaps he skipped his college physics class. Consequently, one fan implored him to study physics before making such a humorous statement again, saying, “Someone, please teach him in physics.”

A man rarely excels in two fields at a time. So, one fan left a piece of advice for him, saying to focus mainly on football rather than trying to show his prowess in science.

“Bro just need to focus on football,” the fan’s comment read.

A fan also couldn’t believe such a statement from A.J. Brown, as he checked the news three times to be sure that it was the Eagles’ player. He might have expected such words from Antonio Brown, the former NFL player with a lot of controversy.

What’s your take on the Eagles’ player’s humorous statement regarding earth?


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