NFL Draft rumor: Vikings reportedly identify Drake Maye as future QB1

The anticipation surrounding the 2024 NFL Draft has reached a fever pitch, fueled by the presence of highly touted prospects like Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye. Among them, Maye’s name has emerged prominently, especially after his decision to emulate Williams and Daniels in the NFL combine.

As speculation swirls about which team will select him, the New England Patriots have emerged as a potential destination for him. Nevertheless, recent reports suggest that another team, the Minnesota Vikings, may be eyeing him closely as well.

Vikings eyeing Drake Maye for QB1

The Minnesota Vikings have been stirring up rumors since March, when they acquired a second-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, fueling speculation of their pursuit of a top quarterback prospect. According to Forbes, the latest buzz surrounds Drake Maye as the projected choice for the team’s draft strategy.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler added to the speculation by reporting that NFL teams are sensing the Vikings’ interest in Maye.

“The Vikings could be a perfect scenario for [Maye]. There’s a belief among some teams that Minnesota could try to trade up to get [Maye]. It would take a lot, but they are armed with two first-round picks to try to make it happen,” he said, per Bleacher Report.

Securing Maye would be a significant move for the Vikings, offering them a potential successor to Kirk Cousins, who recently departed for the Atlanta Falcons.

Nevertheless, the Vikings aren’t the only team showing interest in Maye. The Washington Commanders have also made headlines with their potential interest in the talented quarterback. Reports indicate that top officials from the Commanders, including head coach Dan Quinn, general manager Adam Peters, and offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, attended Maye’s Pro Day performance to assess his potential fit with the team.

 Drake Maye tipped for Pats move

Before the Commanders and Vikings, Drake Maye was heavily speculated with the New England Patriots. The old speculation reached new heights after Rich Eisen, host of The Rich Eisen Show and Michigan Alum, boldly predicted Maye as the third overall pick.

Eisen’s prediction stirred the pot, suggesting that Patriots owner Bob Kraft might be eager to inject youthful talent into the team.

“I think it’s Drake Maye more likely right now. I think that’s the guy more likely to be taken third overall in the draft. I think Bob Kraft has put his thumb on the scale of just like ‘I want a young quarterback around here’. He knows the way this works. For 20 years, he had the best of them. He knows what’s it like to be behind the velvet ropes of the quarterback club and I think he misses it — badly.”

The Patriots’ interest in Maye became more apparent when they dispatched nine staffers to his Pro Day at the University of North Carolina. Among the attendees were Eliot Wolf and the Patriots’ new head coach Jerod Mayo, who reportedly showed keen interest in the young star’s performance.

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