NFL fans join in with Jason Kelce to mock Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s fashion choices: “My Nana wore that turtleneck”

Following a successful season culminating in a Super Bowl win, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce found love with internationally renowned pop star Taylor Swift. The famous athlete gained worldwide attention when he started dating the internationally acclaimed music icon, Swift.

Fans and his brother Jason Kelce couldn’t help but make lighthearted remarks about the two-time Super Bowl champion’s changing outfit choices as a result of his renewed inspiration to improve his appearance.

Jason Kelce takes sly dig on Travis Kelce

As Travis Kelce stepped off the team jet in Buffalo, his vibrant and eclectic fashion choices caught the eye of many. Sporting a burgundy winter cap, a colorful striped shirt, and a mustard yellow jacket with aviator sunglasses, the Chiefs star player showcased his unique style. However, his elder brother, Jason Kelce, couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some lighthearted banter.

In response to Travis’s distinctive ensemble, Jason took to social media, sharing a post of the “New Height” and humorously captioning it, “Looks like he’s auditioning for a new Wes Anderson film.” 

The Kelce brothers have a reputation for good-natured teasing, and this time, Jason Kelce emerged as the winner in the banter.

While Travis Kelce continues his playoff journey with the Chiefs, Jason Kelce’s Philadelphia Eagles saw their Super Bowl aspirations shattered by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a commanding 32-9 defeat. With the Eagles out of the playoffs, Jason Kelce’s long-term football future has become uncertain

Recent reports from NFL insider Adam Schefter suggested that Kelce had informed the Eagles’ locker room of his retirement. However, Jason Kelce swiftly refuted these claims, clarifying that he would make his retirement intentions known and advising against being swayed by speculative news, per the People. Later, Travis also shut down the speculation, claiming his brother still has much juice in his pot to showcase.

Fans troll Travis Kelce’s fashion choices

After Jason Kelce playfully trolled his brother Travis Kelce’s fashion choices, fans joined in the banter with witty comments.

One fan humorously remarked, alluding to Travis Kelce’s distinctive fashion sense and comparing it to a character in a hypothetical sequel to the film “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

“He’s starring in The Life Aquatic 2 as Bill Murray’s son,” one comment read.

While Travis Kelce’s on-field performance is widely celebrated, his fashion sense became the subject of good-natured trolling from fans who found humor in the contrast between football and runway-worthy attire.

Amid this, one fan playfully threw a subtle dig at the tight end, claiming his importance to fashion rather than play.

“some of us show up to play football, and some us show up for a fashion show.”

As the 34-year-old launched his unique fashion choices, one fan couldn’t help but poke fun, likening his attire just because it resembles her nana’s popular attire.

What’s your opinion on Travis Kelce’s fashion sense?

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