NFL fans mock Dolphins duo Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa after controversial fumble leads to Chiefs TD: “Deserved this loss”

The Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and his coach Mike McDaniel didn’t decide to break the 83-year-old NFL record by smashing the Denver Broncos with the biggest defeat to avoid karma. However, they have indeed faced Broncos karma by going down to the Bills in the next week.

Except for losing against the Philadelphia Eagles in week 7, the Dolphins were doing well. But they again embraced defeat in week 9 from the Kansas City Chiefs, and this time, Tua and his wide receiver Tyreek Hill couldn’t escape from the jabs of fans due to their costly mistake.

Dolphins duo Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa roasted by NFL fans

In the week 9 matchup, the Chiefs were leading 14-0 and the Dolphins were looking for momentum when their rival was only 30 yards away from the end zone with a few seconds left in the second quarter. Tagovailoa threw a pass to Hill behind the line of scrimmage, but the WR fumbled the ball, and Chiefs safety Mike Edwards recovered it, via WPRI.

The Dolphins’ receiver quickly tackled Edwards, but the safety then lateraled the ball to his teammate Bryan Cook before Tyreek could stop him. Bryan carried the ball all the way for a touchdown, and instead of gaining ground, the Dolphins ended up widening the Chiefs’ lead.

The sudden action caught everyone off guard, and Hill received criticism from the NFL community for the Chiefs’ touchdown. Certain fans believed that the receiver should have pursued Cook to prevent the score.

A user wrote,” I kinda expected Tyrek to chase him down from behind, What happened to Tyrek after Cook ran off with the ball?”

After going down to the Philly squad, Hill vowed to perform better. However, many netizens labeled him as a “loud mouth” for unintentionally paving the way for Mahomes’ team to increase the lead.

A fan wrote,” T Hill is a loud mouth, he deserved this loss. The Chiefs took a chance on a thug, got rid of him, he hasn’t changed a bit.”

Tua’s phenomenal performance of recording 23 of 26 passes for 309 yards along with four touchdowns even earned him the proposal of an Uber drive from the current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark, who stirred up an ugly brawl with the QB earlier. Nevertheless, the signal-caller’s performance against the Chiefs raised questions about his level of being an elite athlete in the league.

A netizen wrote,” At the end of the game today reality will sink: The Miami Dolphins is a FRAUD and Tua is not an elite quarterback.”

Even with the seven-point loss, the Dolphins are sitting atop the AFC East, but they must bounce back in week 10 to avoid an upset against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Chiefs defeat Dolphins

The Dolphins team reached early in Germany as their head coach tried to keep his players out of football activities for a while to boost their energy. However, the initiative didn’t work out, instead, they had gone through a 14-21 loss.

The Chiefs recorded all of their touchdowns in the first half and managed to take an early 21-0 lead. The Dolphins geared up themselves in the third quarter and recorded back-to-back touchdowns to reduce the rival’s lead. However, their costly mistake of fumbling a snap closed down their final drive and they lost a potential opportunity to tie the match.

The Phinsider

Tua ended up throwing for only 193 yards and one touchdown, a season-low in passing yards. Meanwhile, though the Chiefs won, Mahomes’ performance wasn’t notable as well. The signal-caller recorded just 185 yards and two touchdowns.

With the much-needed win, the Chiefs improved to 7-2 and their next opponent is another big team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Which team do you think will win the match? Tell us in the comments.


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