NFL fans taunt “crybaby” Bill Belichick after heated encounter with referees during Patriots loss to Dolphins

During the 1990s, Bill Belichick tracked down a leading light, Tom Brady, who paved the way for the age-defying coach to dream of discovering his name beside the name of Don Shula. The Brady-less New England Patriots soon lost its charm while their head coach was threatened to lose his job in New England. 

Meanwhile, a sound victory in Week 7 led Belichick to roar again. Yet, unfortunately, it remained only for one game and pushed the Patriots team to get their as usual look of this season.

 Dolphins beat Patriots

Three consecutive losing streaks at last found a full stop after the Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills in their previous contest, marking Belichick’s 300 regular season win.The losing streak again hit Bill Belichick as they battled high-flying Miami Dolphins. 

Though Mac Jones was projected to get back his footing, in this game he again came out with a frustrating performance, tossing 161 yards on 19-of-29 passing along with two touchdowns and one interception.

Bill Belichick

In contrast,  the Dolphins’ injury-plagued offensive lineup held together with a solid performance, keeping the Patriots defense under pressure the whole night by dint of Tua Tagovailoa’s mastery. The Dolphins’ quarterback completed 30-of-45 passes for 324 yards.

Nevertheless, the scenario was projected to add intense competition in the first half of the game when both teams finished the first quarter with seven points. Yet, the Dolphins iced it and were rushing to extend the lead.

The Patriots were able to cut the deficit in the final quarter of the game, but Jaylen Waddle’s 31-yard reception from Tagovailoa with 2:43 remaining assisted the Dolphins to end the game with 31-17 in the scoreboard, per Miami Dolphins and improved to 6-2.

 NFL fans mock Bill Belichick

Even if Bill Belichick’s team’s victory does not bring him praise, he is the first to digest the blame when his team loses. The NFL fans did not miss the chance this time as well after the Patriots’ defeat in Week 8.

Almost every game in this season, the fans identified an angry Belichick who did not spare even his quarterback to express his annoyance. Hence, an NFL fan got motivated to mention him as “Cry baby”.

As it appears as his usual expression, another fan also raised a question like this, “When isn’t he mad? He’s a baby”.

Like the 71-year-old, the NFL fans also know Belichicks’ success was featured by Brady’s athleticism, more than his coaching prowess. Though he wanted to cover it up with Jones, he subsequently failed and the fans never failed to let him recall it.

“How annoying he is, no longer has his golden boy and the NFL doesn’t care about him anymore,” one comment read.

Do you think Bill Belichick is again going to receive another shot from the NFL analysts as he previously received from Stephen Smith? Make sure to let us know in the comments section.


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