NFL Injury Report: Bengals’ HC Zac Taylor reveals QB Joe Burrow expected to miss “several weeks” due to a calf injury

The Cincinnati Bengals couldn’t save themselves from injuries that seem to be stealing away many NFL teams’ sweet dreams prior to the start of the regular season. Their loss is rather significant this time around given the bad news surrounding the team’s superhero Joe Burrow.

Just a few days ago Burrow warned the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes hinting at a great season. Yet before getting to actually do anything on the field, the star player himself is now finding his name on the injury-reserved list.

Bengals QB Joe Burrow to miss many weeks due to his calf injury

If you mention the Bengals’ starting spot, Joe’s name will most likely come up, possibly also for a future season. Due to the scrapes and bruises, he has accumulated throughout the course of his career, he has been considered an undisputed hero since his very first season by many.

Thursday stood out as a dreadful day for Bengals fans as the 26-year-old had to be dragged off the field during practice due to calf pain. The medical professionals began treating him at once, and the team’s head coach, Zac Taylor said they would learn more about the seriousness of the injuries soon.

Although the extent of the damage is not yet known, the former LSU star is expected to miss the game for a few weeks at least, as a result of the injury. Ja’Marr Chase didn’t seem particularly worried about the quarterbacks’ injuries because he has high regard for Joe and considers him to be the best in the league. The WR believes that JB has the strength and ability to triumph in any conflict.

“We always give each other that nod,” Chase said in an interview with Athletic. “He gave me a nod he’s all right. He’s a strong dude.”

When does the Bengal’s preseason start?

The Cincinnati team is scheduled to start their pre-season game on Aug. 11 against the Green Bay Packers and it will continue till Aug. 26 with the last game against the Washington Commanders.

How long is Joe Burrow out? Injury timeline, return date, latest news on Bengals QB after calf strain | Sporting News

The veteran quarterback who was recovering from a knee issue when he reported to camp in 2021, could potentially miss the Bengals’ entire preseason schedule. After receiving the initial report on his injuries, things should become clearer, although it is anticipated that he will return by September 10. At that time, the Bengals’ team is slated to open the regular season against the divisional foe Cleveland Browns.

Over the years, injuries have arisen as a major setback for the Cincinnati star as the player seems to have a record of injury in almost all the seasons of his career. Nevertheless,  as the report of injury is yet to be outlined, many fans are crossing their fingers for a piece of good news.

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