NFL legend Steven Young pinpoints how Josh Allen can win Super Bowl trophy: “Even Superman needs help”

The Buffalo Bills have once more fallen short to the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL playoffs. This recurrent setback has become a haunting experience for quarterback Jo0sh Allen, who has long aspired to secure the coveted trophy since his draft into the league.

In the midst of this disheartening situation, former NFL player Steve Young steps forward to lend his shoulder to the Bills’ hero, ensuring that this setback does not dampen Allen’s motivation.

Steven Young’s advice to Josh Allen

Hall of Famer Steve Young recently shared insightful advice for Josh Allen following the Bill’s latest playoff heartbreak for the Chiefs. Young emphasized the importance of acknowledging that even a Superman-like player requires adequate support to succeed.

The Hall of Fame has been vocal about the Bills having a solid team but stressed the need for Allen to receive more help.

“Even when you’re Superman, Superman needs help and you need enough help to go get it done. I’ve said for the last three years, they have a good team. But he needs more help around him because they ask him to be Superman too much. If you notice the Bills, suddenly things get crazy and then he puts the cape on before the play is even finished.”

Young continued mentioning instances where the 27-year-old feels compelled to play the superhero role prematurely while emphasizing the importance of balancing extraordinary plays with efficiency.

“You just cannot keep it up, you can’t make enough plays. … Get it in people’s hands, make it an efficiency game as well. Make it a Superman and efficiency. That’s the superpower.”

The advice stems from the experience of a seasoned player who himself dealt with significant challenges early in his career. Young’s journey, initially marked by struggles with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, took a positive turn when he assumed the starting role for the San Francisco 49ers after legendary quarterback Joe Montana.

Young’s subsequent success included breaking records, such as achieving the most consecutive 300-yard games in 1998. With the feat, he even surpassed his predecessor Montana’s earlier feat. With unparalleled motivation, he ultimately propelled him to become a three-time Super Bowl champion and a two-time MVP.

Josh Allen’s performance this NFL season

Throughout the 2023 season, Josh Allen’s journey in Buffalo uniform was spectacular. His Week 15 display, featuring two touchdowns, marked his 10th game of the 2023 season with both a touchdown pass and a rushing touchdown, surpassing Kyler Murray’s record from 2020.

In addition to this achievement, Allen joined an elite group of quarterbacks in NFL history by recording at least 25 touchdown passes and 10 rushing touchdowns in a single season. The exclusive club previously consisted of Kyler Murray (2020) and Cam Newton (2015).

With a career postseason rushing yardage of 517, the signal-caller has secured the third spot among quarterbacks in NFL history, trailing only Russell Wilson (527) and Steve Young (594).

Allen’s 17 rushing touchdowns this season stand as the second highest in NFL history for a quarterback, with Jalen Hurts holding the record at 18 from the previous season, per

To put forth an impressive statistical season, Allen accumulated 4,306 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 18 interceptions, playoffs included. Unfortunately, the Bills’ promising season concluded without a Super Bowl appearance owing to a missed opportunity that drew frustration from fans toward rookie kicker Tyler Bass, leading to his deactivation of social media accounts. In defense of Bass, Allen swiftly supported him.

Despite Allen’s achievements, trade rumors have begun circulating, leaving Bills fans pondering whether they will witness Allen hoist the coveted Super Bowl trophy in a Buffalo shirt.

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