NFL legend Tom Brady spotted with UFC CEO Dana White at sold-out Power Slap event

Power Slap has been growing in popularity under the watchful eye of UFC CEO Dana White and has also seen attendance from members from all around the sporting world, show business, and also from the influencer scene.

The recent Power Slap event witnessed the attendance of a lot of celebrities in the front row of the event at Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs. Muniz at the Durango Casino in Spring Valley, Nevada.

Tom Brady links up with Dana White at Power Slap

Tom Brady, the three-time NFL MVP and consensus GOAT of American Football, was spotted at Power Slap 6, mingling with none other than UFC CEO Dana White. Brady, a close friend of White and a regular at UFC events, was in the front row at the Slap event and seemed to look very impressed by the performance of Power Slappers like Manny Muniz, Ryan Phillips, Vern Cathey, and Robert Trujillo.

Post his retirement from the NFL, Brady has linked up with many top stars from the UFC, namely Kamaru Usman and Alexander Volkanovski. Brady and Volkanovski were at the same event and the duo played catch, much to the surprise of the guests in attendance. Volkanovski was in the US as he is scheduled to headline UFC 298 against Ilia Topuria in Anaheim, California.

Kamaru Usman was acquainted with Brady after his brutal knockout of Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 where Tom Brady was in attendance and was seated near Usman’s daughter, Samirah. Usman would later meet up with Brady during the warmups of an NFL game. Usman and Volkanovski are also acquainted with former NBA MVP and four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal who in turn is close with Dana White.

Which celebrities were present in Power Slap event?

Power Slap 6 was the promotion’s first event held outside the UFC Apex as they sold VIP tickets for the event in the Durango casino. The event was a celebrity hotspot as it even rivaled the attendance of the Super Bowl as it had celebrities from the sporting world and also the music and entertainment industry. Tom Brady along with Travis Scott were among the high-profile celebrities in attendance at the event.

Brady in attendance at Power Slap
via TMZ

In addition to Brady and Scott, Charles Barkley, Pat McAfee, Johnny Manziel, Taylor Lewan, Bert Kreischer, IShowSpeed, Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, Jax Taylor, and Machine Gun Kelly were present at the event. Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland and influencer turned MMA journalist Nina Marie Daniele were also there. It needs to be noted that billionaire Michael Rubin was in attendance which could allude to a potential investment.

Nonetheless, the Power Slap has been met with criticism from the mainstream MMA media, but Dana White has remained steadfast in his belief in the promotion. Moreover, some of the UFC fighters have also expressed support for it. In addition to Power Slap, White has shown interest in BKFC as he met with BKFC owner David Feldman recently.

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