NFL News: Raiders officially sign Antonio Pierce as next head coach

The 2023 NFL season has been turbulent for the head coaches of the league. Eight NFL teams including the Las Vegas Raiders sacked their HCs. None of this team could make their entry into the postseason, and the massive task of their front office has been to find a new coach.

The Los Angeles Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, and Washington Commanders are still on their way to find a new HC. The New England Patriots became the first team to hire an HC as they elevated their linebacker coach Jerod Mayo after parting ways with Bill Belichick. Now, the Raiders have become second in the run by appointing Antonio Pierce as their next leader.

Raiders announce Antonio Pierce as next HC

The Raiders have officially named Antonio Pierce as their new head coach by removing the interim tag from his title, via CBS News. Amidst initial speculation surrounding potential candidates, including Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, they stayed true to Pierce. Unlike other NFL franchises, the Raiders opted not to conduct interviews with other coaching prospects.

The announcement of hiring Pierce as ab HC was accompanied by the team’s succinct message, “Blank sheet. New chapter.”

Pierce is now the fourth interim coach the Raiders have made their HC, and also the second black HC of the franchise. He took the reins as interim head coach after a disappointing 3-5 start to the season prompted the departure of Josh McDaniels, and general manager Dave Ziegler. The team’s decision to promote him was fueled by a notable turnaround, with a crucial Week 18 victory against the Denver Broncos.

The win not only resonated with fans but also garnered strong vocal support from within the Raiders’ locker room. One of the most vocal proponents of Pierce’s leadership was defensive standout Maxx Crosby, who highlighted the need for “consistency” under the newly appointed head coach. Even All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams echoed Crosby’s statement, and said Antonio Pierce always had “his vote.”.

Raiders performance under Antonio Pierce

Antonio Pierce’s tenure as the interim HC for the Raiders brought about a notable turnaround in the team’s performance. Over the course of nine games, they achieved a commendable 5-4 record following their lackluster start. His influence was particularly evident in the team’s divisional contests, where they boasted a solid 3-1 record.

Under the veteran’s guidance, the Raiders exhibited remarkable defensive prowess by leading the NFL in the fewest points allowed per game, with an impressive average of 16. The defense also showcased its playmaking ability by recording the most defensive touchdowns in the league, totaling four. The franchise also committed the fewest penalties, and its defensive line made a significant impact, tying for third in the league with 30 sacks.

Offensively, the Raiders outscored their opponents by a notable margin, registering a scoreline of 206-144 during Antonio Pierce’s tenure. This offensive resurgence was instrumental in securing crucial victories down the stretch, including a dominant 63-21 triumph over the Los Angeles Chargers and a noteworthy 20-14 upset win against the Kansas City Chiefs.


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