NFL Rumors: Colts reportedly set to activate $21.8 million franchise tag on Michael Pittman Jr

Since his arrival in 2020, Michael Pittman Jr has proven to be an excellent addition to the Indianapolis Colts, thriving in his role as a top-tier X receiver. However, his performance last season was marred by an incident involving a hit from Damontae Kazee, which Pittman attributed to the “pure grace of God.

Now, following the conclusion of the last season with the Colts boasting a 9-8 record, Pittman finds himself in the spotlight once again. Meanwhile, the discussions surrounding his potential future with the team have ignited.

Colts expected to franchise tag Michael Pittman Jr

Amid growing speculations about Michael Pittman Jr.’s future with the Indianapolis Colts, reports from Destin Adams of A to Z Sports suggest that the team is contemplating the franchise tag if a contract extension isn’t reached before the March 5th deadline.

During the NFL Combine, Colts general manager Chris Ballard was asked about the possibility of Michael Pittman Jr. being available in September. Ballard responded positively, indicating the team’s intention to work towards a deal, while also mentioning the franchise tag as a potential option.

“We’ll work hard to get a deal done. [The franchise tag is] a tool we have. I’m not going to say we’re not going to use it, but I’m not going to say we are. Hopefully, we can come to an agreement and find some compromise on a deal.”

The Colts have until March 5 at 4 p.m. to decide whether to use the franchise or transition tag on Pittman. This decision holds significance as it would be the team’s first use of a tag in 11 years.

Certainly, the Colts highly appreciate Pittman Jr.’s impact on their lineup and are eager to keep the talented wide receiver on board for the next season. His notable achievements, such as two 1,000-yard seasons in four years, emphasize his significance in the team’s offensive strategy.

However, should negotiations falter or if Pittman Jr. remains unsigned by the deadline, he will enter free agency and have the opportunity to explore contract options with other NFL teams.

Best landing spots for Michael Pittman Jr

As the offseason progresses, speculation swirls around the future landing spots for Michael Pittman Jr. Among the potential destinations, analysts have identified several teams where Pittman could make a significant impact.

According to CBS Sports‘ Bryan DeArdo, one prime landing spot for Pittman could be with the Kansas City Chiefs. DeArdo points out that the Chiefs’ receiving corps struggled throughout the last season, indicating a need for reinforcement. With approximately $28 million in the available salary cap, the Chiefs could afford to make a move to acquire Pittman and enhance their offensive firepower.

The Atlanta Falcons are also in consideration as a potential destination for Pittman. Given that many of their wide receivers are poised to enter free agency, the Falcons are seeking a seasoned presence to bolster their young offensive core. Pittman’s experience and dependability could offer valuable support to emerging talents like Drake London and Josh Ali.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerge as another possible destination for the Colts’ player. With veteran receiver Mike Evans heading toward free agency and uncertainty surrounding Chris Godwin’s future beyond 2024, the Buccaneers could see Pittman as an ideal replacement. 

Furthermore, Pittman’s playing style has drawn comparisons to Evans, making him a suitable candidate to step into Evans’ role and ensure the continuity of the Buccaneers’ potent offense.

What’s your take on the receiver’s future with the Colts?

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