NFL Trade: Ravens added RB Melvin Gordon to the active roster after rookie Keaton Mitchell was injured

While big teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles went down to their rivals in the last few games, the Baltimore Ravens stayed firm as rocky mountains. Many fans and analysts believe the formidable squad headed to the 2023 NFL season to secure the Super Bowl title, and the reason is their commanding victories over their rivals.

The Ravens are fresh off a huge 23-7 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars and are proudly sitting atop the AFC North with an 11-3 record. However, their recent win against the Jaguars came with a blow as promising running back Keaton Mitchell sustained an injury in the match. The team has now decided to give Melvin Gordon a chance in the absence of the injured rookie.

Ravens add RB Melvin Gordon to the active roster

The Baltimore Ravens are no strangers to the NFL playoffs, marking their fifth appearance in the last six seasons. But, for this ambitious team, merely reaching the postseason is not the ultimate goal. As Keaton Mitchell, a crucial weapon in their formidable run game, was believed to have sustained a season-ending knee injury, the team needed additional backfield depth.

Following the sudden setback, head coach John Harbaugh announced the imminent addition of Melvin Gordon to the team’s active 53-man roster. Harbaugh commended Marvin Gordon’s unwavering dedication and top-notch fitness, saying, “He’s been working super hard. He’s in great shape and he’ll be ready to go.”

The two-time Pro Bowler previously made appearances for the Ravens this season and showcased glimpses of his talent by amassing 53 rushing yards on 13 attempts and securing 46 yards from three receptions.

Despite the potential loss of Mitchell, the Ravens aren’t lacking in running options. Gus Edwards displayed his prowess in the recent game against the Jaguars by powering through for a crucial 1-yard touchdown and accumulating 58 yards on 16 carries. Besides him, Justice Hill adds depth to the team’s backfield arsenal.

How did rookie Keaton Mitchell get injured?

During the hard-fought clash between the Ravens and Jaguars, the match took a somber turn with the devastating injury of Keaton Mitchell, who fell victim to a severe knee injury. In the fourth quarter of the game, the young star’s left leg buckled as he was tackled. The Ravens’ sideline quickly turned into a scene of urgency and concern as trainers rushed to attend to him, via

With his left knee injury deemed serious, the RB was swiftly ruled out for the remainder of the season by Head Coach John Harbaugh. This abrupt end to his rookie season became a significant blow not only to him but also to the Ravens’ offensive strategies, which had begun relying more heavily on his burgeoning talent.

“Keaton is going to be a serious knee injury. It looks like he won’t be back for the rest of the season”, Harbaugh said.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson also shared his sympathy by acknowledging Mitchell’s promising start and expressing solidarity with his injured teammate.

“That was very tough. He was just starting to get started. That’s tough to see. My thoughts and prayers are with him”, the MVP front runner said.

The Ravens won the match but they couldn’t become truly happy due to the blow of their teammate, as described by Gus Edwards,”It’s kind of hard to be excited about clinching and everything because he was a big part of our team. We’ve got to rally around him, just being there for him. I know it’s going to be an emotional ride, but he’s built for it.”

Mitchell’s burgeoning presence within the offense had been noticeable throughout the season. Prior to the injury, he showcased his caliber by recording an impressive 73 yards gained on nine carries and contributed with two receptions totaling 15 yards. His impact throughout the season had been substantial, amassing 323 rushing yards and averaging an impressive 8.5 yards per carry.

If the match against the Jaguars is his last game of the rookie season, the undrafted rookie will finish with 396 yards on 47 carries, with the record of 8.4 yards per carry. However, he wasn’t the sole casualty of the game. Offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley also faced adversity, and left the field due to a concussion evaluation.


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