NFL Trade Rumors: Jaire Alexander thanks fans on IG hinting at possible Packers exit after playoff loss

The Green Bay Packers started the 2023 NFL season with a young corps, led by quarterback Jordan Love and cornerback Jaire Alexander. After departing with Aaron Rodgers, who sustained a torn Achilles as a New York Jets member this season, the Packers were banking on Love. The signal-caller also lived up to expectations by upsetting the Dallas Cowboys to advance their postseason journey.

However, the Packers dealt with a blow by going down to the San Francisco 49ers in their divisional playoff match. The loss was heartbreaking, as the team dominated the match but some costly mistakes fell heavy on them. The franchise’s fans were hit with another blow when Alexander hinted at a potential exit from the team in a recent social media post.

Jaire Alexander hints at Packers exit with strong IG message to fans

The 2023 NFL season started with high expectations for Alexander, widely regarded as one of the top-10 cornerbacks in the league. However, misfortune plagued him, and he wasn’t in his elite form throughout the season.

The vetetan’s recent Instagram post was seemingly intended as a heartfelt thank-you note, as it sparked speculation about his future with the Packers. Expressing gratitude for six years, he left fans questioning if this was a farewell to the organization that drafted him.

“Thank you God. Thank you Lambeau, for 6 years. Thank you to those who showed love throughout my journey”, he wrote on Instagram via Overtime Heroics.

To alleviate concerns, it’s crucial to examine Jaire Alexander’s contractual situation. He is bound to the Packers for three more years, with a potential out only after the 2024 season. Having inked a lucrative four-year, $84 million deal in 2022, he is slated to receive substantial raises, surpassing $20 million over the next few years.

The CB’s performance this season has been lackluster, culminating in a career-high 120.6 passer rating allowed. Evaluating his trade value becomes complex, making it uncertain what the Packers could fetch in return. However, it appears highly unlikely that the footballer won’t return to the team in 2024. Barring an unforeseen retirement or a surprising trade decision by the team, he is expected to be back in action for the upcoming season as well.

Potential trade destination for Jaire Alexander’s future

Amid uncertainties surrounding injuries and a peculiar team-sanctioned suspension, reports are circulating about potential destinations for Jaire Alexander. The Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans emerge as frontrunners in the speculation.

The Chiefs’ defensive prowess aids them in securing victories. However, there is an apparent need for additional young depth at the end and tackle positions along the defensive line. After facing losses to key free agents on defense, Patrick Mahomes’ squad may consider a retooling strategy, potentially involving the acquisition of the Packers’ cornerback. Such a move would likely require parting with their 2024 first-round pick and center Creed Humphrey.

Jaire Alexander
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For the Texans, their rookie starter, CJ Stroud, came close to realizing his Lombardi Trophy aspirations before being smashed by the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson shared insightful messages for Stroud by acknowledging his improvement in the Texans’ offense. To bolster their pass defense, which struggled during the season, signing Alexander could be a strategic move.

The Jaguars missed the playoffs and faced defensive challenges throughout the season. With notable deficiencies in passing yards, touchdowns, and completions allowed, the team is in dire need of a player of Alexander’s caliber. If the Jaguars pursue him, a potential trade scenario could involve the Packers acquiring their first- and third-round picks.


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