Nic Nemeth triumphs over Alberto Del Rio to claim AAA Mega Championship at TripleMania XXXII 

Given his widespread anticipation of becoming a WWE Hall of Famer, many were stunned by Nic Nemeth’s September departure from WWE. Folks have been wondering if he could repeat his WWE success since he left the Stamford-based company and started working in NJPW and TNA. However, the 43-year-old superstar has answered his critics by reaching new heights, clinching the vacant AAA Mega Title last night.

Nemeth quickly made waves in 2024 after concluding his WWE tenure by joining TNA Wrestling and making an impression in NJPW. He has now not only won the IWGP Global Championship but also the vacant AAA Mega Championship, which extends the number of titles in his bucket. 

Last night, on Saturday In a thrilling showdown, Nemeth faced Alberto Del Rio for the vacant Megacampeonato in Monterrey. It was a tense match, with Nemeth ultimately seizing victory with a clever move. This victory was Nemeth’s debut as AAA Mega Champion, a title left vacant by Vikingo due to injury after a remarkable 833-day run. With the title now in his grasp, Nemeth intends to surpass Vikingo’s stellar reign.

Nic Nemeth is currently enjoying a busy time in TNA as the IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion. He recently headlined TNA Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view. He made a lighthearted remark about his hectic schedule by taking a playful jab at a fellow indie wrestling star.

Nic Nemeth shares lighthearted comments about his packed schedule

With his current agreement with TNA, Nic Nemeth has the freedom to wrestle for other organizations whenever he wants. He’s making full use of this opportunity and living his best busy life. Instead of complaining about it, he joked on a recent broadcast of “Busted Open Radio” about how his calendar would become even busier if he took bookings from injured indie star Matt Cardona.

Nic Nemeth
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According to Wrestle Inc, he said, “Best wishes, get well soon buddy, and thanks for all the new bookings I’m about to take for the next three months. I’m not doing that out of fun, I got 19 new emails the day he got surgery.”

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