No one could have done a better Tom Brady diss than Eli Manning

Throughout his remarkable 23-season career in the NFL, Tom Brady, an alien in Jim Isray’s eyes, encountered numerous legendary figures, and one notable name among them was former New England Patriots player Eli Manning. Beyond their on-field rivalry, the duo often delighted fans by engaging in lighthearted banter to set out a camaraderie that extended beyond the game.

Even though both Brady and Manning have bid farewell to the NFL, their off-field banter remains alive and well, with Manning being the latest to grab headlines.

Eli Manning drops Tom Brady diss at Pro Bowl

In the latest edition of the 2024 Pro Bowl, the NFC team emerged victorious, and alongside the on-field success, the players enjoyed substantial earnings. To add a touch of humor to the event, Eli Manning showcased his unexpected rap skills during the Pro Bowl Games, delivering a playful diss aimed at none other than Tom Brady.

Although Manning may not be a rap prodigy, he seized the moment in a rap battle, capturing attention with a humorous bar directed at Brady.

“I’m Eli Manning, I’m nice. Tom Brady is the GOAT. SIKE! I beat him twice,” Manning rhythmically rapped. 

The crowd of Pro Bowlers erupted in laughter and applause as Manning humorously boasted about his victories over the passionate timepiece lover in two Super Bowl matchups. Manning’s triumphs against Brady and the New England Patriots in 2008 and 2012 remain standout moments in his illustrious career, earning him the admiration of fans and peers alike.

Brady channelled his inner Karen in response to Manning

In a playful exchange between NFL legends, Tom Brady and Eli Manning engaged in some friendly banter back in 2023. The lighthearted back-and-forth occurred in honor of Brady Day on December 12, per the Mans Journal.

As part of their Bowman Draft collection, Topps revealed a one-of-a-kind Tom Brady Montreal Expos rookie baseball card to commemorate the event. Manning couldn’t help but join in on the fun and take a playful jab at his longtime rival Brady in a lighthearted video that he shared online.

With a mischievous grin, Manning cheekily acknowledged Brady’s impressive accomplishments while playfully highlighting his own fond memories.

“Hey Tom, I hear it’s Brady Day, and it seems like people are sharing their favorite moments from your career,” Manning quipped in the video. “Man, what a run you had; 23 years, seven world championships, multiple MVPs … you’re a Montreal legend,” Manning said.

Manning made sure to highlight his own accomplishments, especially his two Super Bowl wins against TB12. With a mischievous smile and a subtle reference to his two World Series rings, Manning confidently asserted his own position in football history.

Brady appreciated Manning’s good-natured ribbing and responded by sharing Manning’s post declaring, “Alright I’m not having fun anymore. I want to talk to the manager.”

It’s evident that Manning takes pride not only in his two Super Bowl rings but also in the unique joy of winning against Brady.

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