Nuggets HC fires back at Lakers’ trash-talking after Anthony Davis’ verbal jabs

The Lakers saw their defeat the last time out with the Nuggets in the Conference Finals, where the Nuggets absolutely dominated them to advance into the Finals to eventually lift the Championship. These achievements have definitely made a team like the Lakers see them as a big threat going into the new season.

Lakers’ Anthony Davis recently took a jab at the Nuggets, disclosing that he and LeBron had discussed facing them and they are eager for the game. This disclosure didn’t go down unattended to as the Nuggets’ head coach Mike Malone responded that there is no love lost between the two great teams.

Mike Malone responds to Lakers’ remarks

Lakers’ Anthony Davis has definitely spilled the beans after he disclosed his conversation with LeBron James over the Nuggets as they await the upcoming face-off. The Nuggets defeated them in the Conference Finals earlier this year which further intensified the rivalry between them, something they say is good for the game.

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In a recent interview with Ohm Youngmisuk, the Nuggets’ head coach Mike Malone responded to the comments from Davis and co, “Oh, they’re talking about us? That was what, four months ago?”

Malone said, “I can’t speak for anybody in L.A. But if they’re still worried about us, that’s on them”.

Mike Malone believes it’s a fresh season, a different test, and that the series against them was intense. It ended in a 4-0 sweep, but it felt like every game was a close contest. He continued by saying, “We have tremendous respect for that team. I have tremendous respect for Darvin Ham as a coach and the job that he did.”

However, Mike appears not to pay attention at the open challenge from Davis. He claims not to be aware of what they’re saying and feels if they occupy their thoughts, then that’s their concern. Following Mike’s response, it’s obvious he doesn’t care much about comments from Anthony Davis but is fully focused on the new season which begins later this month.

Lakers’ Anthony Davis unleashes verbal shots at Nuggets

The Lakers are probably working hard to get back at the Nuggets who jeopardized their impressive run in the Western Conference Finals last season. Anthony Davis of the Lakers had been vocal regarding that at Lakers Media Day stating the Nuggets talked a lot during the last series and he, LeBron, and the team can’t wait to face them again.

He said, “It was just a lot of talking. We get it, y’all won, but me and Bron had some conversations…we can’t wait [to play them].”

On the NBA’s opening night of 2023, the Lakers will be back in the mile-high city when the banner goes up, while Nikola Jokic and company get their rings, and the season tips off. The fans will be looking forward to seeing their teams in a much fierce encounter later in October who have adequately prepared for each other.

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