Nuggets star rates Jimmy Butler tougher than LeBron James, Kevin Durant after Heat star’s game-winner

Miami Heat small forward Jimmy Butler is a player who plays basketball with enough confidence without worrying about the outcome. Since his 2011 NBA draft, Butler has garnered remarkable achievements, which are vastly attributed to his widely admirable strength and great skills.

Butler, who recently starred in the Heat’s win over the Chicago Bulls, has been hyped by an NBA winner as one of the toughest players to defend in the league, who also compared him to several big names in the game.

Aaron Gordon points to Butler as most challenging defensive matchup

Aaron Gordon, a key defensive player for the Denver Nuggets during the memorable 2023 NBA title run, has recently shared his thoughts on the toughest payer to guard among several stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Edwards, Karl Anthony Towns, and Jimmy Butler. During an episode of the “Knuckleheads” podcast, Gordon named Butler as the toughest player to guard against in a matchup.

Gordon of the Denver Nuggets rates Jimmy Butler tougher than LeBron James, Kevin Durant after he pull the Heat to a game-winner show.
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Gordon said, “I feel like Jimmy really. I think he was little bit out of gas towards the end of it, he was going crazy in the earlier rounds. I think his ability to kind of just work the game and stay poised. He has a little bit of everything, he can shoot the trey, he can shoot the middy, he’s always moving on offense, he’s cutting.”

While speaking of Butler’s broad skill set widely, Aaron Gordon highlighted Butler’s ability to stay composed, including moving the ball without stress, as he has contributed greatly in a variety of ways to help the Heat. Gordon went on to discuss Butler’s versatility, 3-pointer prowess, mid-range shots, and constant on-court movement in offensive situations, which make him a dynamic offensive threat.

Furthermore, Gordon, who featured in tough matchups throughout the playoffs, guarded the likes of Anthony Edwards, Karl Anthony Towns, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and ultimately Jimmy Butler in the 2023 NBA finals, which has inspired his thoughts on the defensive challenges each player presented to him. Nevertheless, Gordon’s defensive prowess was crucial to the Nuggets 2023 NBA triumph, in which he worked tirelessly to guard each player he faced.

Jimmy Butler’s bold pledge comes true

Jimmy Butler, during the recent Heat and Bulls encounter, nailed a step-back mid-range shot to secure a 118-116 victory for the Heat. Following Butler’s late shot, Jimmy Butler has now redeemed his pledge of achieving the shot, after missing a late shot back in November. Back in November, the Heat suffered a heartbreaking loss to the New York Knicks, in which Butler missed the game-winning 3-pointer.

Gordon of the Denver Nuggets rates Jimmy Butler tougher than LeBron James, Kevin Durant after he pull the Heat to a game-winner show.
Jimmy Butler Via Getty

After the defeat, the star shared a pledge, which he had just redeemed in the Heat’s recent win over the Bulls. Butler said, “We’re gonna live with the result. But I guarantee I’m making the next one.” The Heat would have finished the game on season result at 14-12 if Butler had missed the shot once more, but his game-winning jumper helped the team finish 15-12 overall and in seventh place in the Eastern Conference.

With the Heat anticipating the return of stars Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo, Butler can get much-needed assistance on the front court, which could propel the team to more victories.

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