Nuggets star reveals shocking details of Nikola Jokic’s unusual offseason routine: “Drinking six beers a day”

Every NBA player has a routine, especially during the offseason. One might choose to watch a movie every day, while another could spend more time in the gym. Denver’s Nikola Jokic isn’t excluded from the list of people with unique offseason routines.

Jokic needs and will create very little time to travel to Serbia to spend time with his horse. Amid his amusing offseason routine, his teammate has made a surprising revelation about Jokic’s other habit that might interest the NBA community.

Michael Porter Jr. exposes Jokic’s offbeat regimen

Michael Porter Jr. shared intriguing insights about Nikola Jokic and how his perspective on basketball evolved. According to Porter Jr., the two-time MVP wasn’t as serious in his early years, but this changed after he secured his MVP awards. Speaking on the Curious Mike podcast alongside Aaron Gordon, Porter Jr. discussed their superstar teammate, noting the significant improvement in Jokic’s NBA performance.

Nuggets star Michael Porter Jr.  reveals something shocking about the unusual offseason  of  routine of Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic Via Getty

Additionally, he disclosed that the Serbian superstar has adopted a more relaxed approach. “He goes back-to-back MVP. Now, how is he better this year, after we just won a championship? You go back to Serbia. I was just talking to him: ‘ Brother, I was drinking 6 beers a day.’ He probably didn’t touch a basketball.” It might be funny to know that Jokic didn’t touch the ball during the offseason according to his teammate’s revelation.

This revelation isn’t surprising, considering Jokic’s nature. Jokic openly admitted to a lifestyle that contrasts with the typical image of an NBA champion’s rigorous training regimen. According to Porter, Jokic claimed to have consumed six beers a day during his time in Serbia and, notably, might not have touched a basketball during that period.

However, Porter highlighted the remarkable growth in Jokic’s commitment to basketball over the years. Even after winning the MVP title, Jokic kept improving his game, clinching back-to-back MVP awards. This revelation adds a touch of humor and an unconventional aspect to Jokic’s off-season activities, revealing a distinct side to the NBA champion’s approach to celebrating and relaxing.

Nikola Jokic expresses amazement at unforgettable parade experience

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic had a change of heart about the team’s championship parade stage in Civic Center Park. It was just on Monday, after the Nuggets defeated the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, that Jokic learned about the parade schedule.

A reporter asked Jokic if he was anticipating the parade, and Jokic responded, “When is the parade?” Thursday did answer his question. Nikola Jokic replied with plans to visit Serbia during the weekend, “No. I need to go home,” he replied with his head in his hand.

Nuggets star Michael Porter Jr.  reveals something shocking about the unusual offseason  of  routine of Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic Via Getty

Jokic, who later attended the championship parade, was amazed at the experience he had as he said, “You know that I told I don’t want to stay on parade. But I f***ing want to stay on parade,” Jokic who was thrilled as the crowd chanted “MVP!”

Jokic further added, “This is amazing. We’re all going to remember this our whole lives. When we see you guys that came out on the streets, actually, this one is for you. We love you, Denver. This one is for you. Thank you, guys.”

After the game on Monday, Jokic told NBA TV, “On Sunday, I have my horse racing”. Jokic has a lifelong passion for horses, and he’s considering buying another one now that the Nuggets have won the title. Perhaps not everyone owns a horse, but Jokic shared a series of relatable quotes after the championship win, showing he’s just like a regular person.

He once even said to Malika Andrews that “Basketball is not the main thing in my life. It’s something that I’m good at.” To him, there are a bunch of other kinds of stuff in life that he is passionate about aside from playing basketball.

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