NXT No Mercy: Dominik Mysterio’s title defense defeat to Trick Williams draws angry reactions from Judgment Day members

Dominik Mysterio has been the NXT North American Champion for more than two months as he has successfully defended his title many times. He was undefeated with his title until yesterday’s NXT No Mercy, where he lost his title to Trick Williams as there was no interference from his faction members.

This loss of Dominik’s championship title has grabbed the attention of his fellow Judgment Day stablemates Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest. Two members of the faction have expressed their anger over it on Twitter/X.

Dominik Mysterio taste defeat at the hands of Trick Williams

Yesterday, on the latest Premium Live Event “NXT No Mercy”, Judgement Day member Dominik Mysterio aka The Dirty Dom had a title match against the rising NXT superstar Trick Williams. The match was a very intense one considering the third brand of WWE.

The match had a special referee and it was none other than Dragon Lee. Dragon Lee and Dominik Mysterio have been on bitter terms with each other since Dominik disrespected his father Rey Mysterio. After the match started, Dragon Lee was knocked out with a superkick by Dominik Mysterio and then a referee replaced Lee.

During the match, there were several moments with pinfall attempts, but no referee was present as Dominik also incapacitated the new referee using a decisive move. However, things didn’t go as planned for The Dirty Dom as he was kicked and left in the middle of the ring. Seizing this opportunity, Dragon Lee once again entered as the referee and allowed Trick to win the NXT North American Championship. This was a significant moment for Trick Williams as it marked his first championship title in WWE.

Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest react to Dominik Mysterio’s loss

After the loss of Dominik Mysterio’s NXT North American Championship, two of Dom’s biggest admirers Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest, Dominik’s Judgment Day stablemates, were left in shock as their youngest member lost his Gold to Trick Williams.

Judgment Day was very happy over the fact that every member of their faction had at least one title on their waist. But after this loss of The Dirty Dom, they have lost their privilege to boast that achievement. Reacting to her Latino Heat’s loss, Rhea wrote a tweet on Twitter/X.

“YOU’RE F’N KIDDING ME!… #NXTNoMercy”, Rhea wrote on Twitter/X.

Later, Priest retweeted Rhea’s tweet with a gif of himself, which felt like he was disappointed at Dominik Mysterio over the loss.

Do you think Dominik will be able to take back his title from Trick Williams? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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